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Death Wish V

The Face of Death


Released 1994

Allan A. Goldstein = Director

Damian Lee = Producer

Helder Goncalves = Associate Producer

Ami Artzi = Executive Producer

Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey

Lesley-Anne Down as Olivia Regent

Michael Parks as Tommy O'Shea

Chuck Shamata as Sal Paconi

Kevin Lund as Chuck Paconi

Robert Joy as Freddie 'Flakes'

Saul Rubinek as Tony Hoyle

Miguel Sandoval as Hector Vasquez

Kenneth Welsh as Lt. Mickey King

Lisa Inouye as Janice Omori

Erica Lancaster as Chelsea Regent

Jefferson Mappin as Big Al

Michael Dunston as Reg

Claire Rankin as Maxine

Sharolyn Sparrow as Dawn

Anna Starnino as Sister

Elena Kudaba as Housekeeper

Andrea Mann as Hoyle's Wife

Scott Spidell as Frankie

Tim MacMenamin as Mickey

Sandro Limotta as Angel

Alison Sealy-Smith as Doctor

Michelle Moffat as T.V. Reporter

Allan A. Goldstein as Toy Store Clerk

Marcello Meleca as Hoyle's Boy

Tony Meyler as Agent #1

Dougie Richardson as Cab Driver

Tova Gallimore as Model #1

Kimberley Cody as Model #2

Mikki Greaves as Model #3

Trish Olsthoorn as Model #4

Jenni-Leigh Girard as Model #5

Beverley Anderson as Model #6

Lisa Heughan as Model #7

Maxine Elaine as Model

Kendal Hunter as Model

Melissa Illes as Model

Mara Matejic as Model

Elle (Melissa) Patille as Model

Marco Bianco as Stuntperson

Shane Cardwell as Stuntperson

Rick Forsayeth as Stuntperson

Ted Hanlan as Stuntperson

Jennifer Burton (Jarrett) as Stuntperson

Mike Jones as Stuntperson

Mike Lee as Stuntperson

Steve Lucescu as Stuntperson

Patrick Mark as Stuntperson

Dwayne McLean as Stuntperson

Larry A. McLean as Stuntperson

Christine McMahon as Stuntperson

Sue (Susan) Parker as Stuntperson

Kenn Quinn as Stuntperson

Buck Randall as Stuntperson

Bryan Renfro as Stuntperson

Helen Scott as Stuntperson

J. P. Romano as Paul's Stunt Double

Shelley Cook as Olivia's Stunt Double

Randy Butcher as Sal's Stunt Double

Watson Carlson as Reg's Stunt Double

Eric Bryson as Frankie's Stunt Double

Jamie Jones as Biker

Alison Reid as Biker

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