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Deck The Halls


Released 2006

John Whitesell = Director

Arnon Milchan = Producer

Michael Costigan = Producer

John Whitesell = Producer

Jeremiah Samuels = Executive Producer

Danny DeVito as Buddy Hall

Matthew Broderick as Steve Finch

Kristin Davis as Kelly Finch

Kristin Chenoweth as Tia Hall

Alia Shawkat as Madison Finch

Dylan Blue as Carter Finch

Kelly Aldridge as Ashley Hall

Sabrina Aldridge as Emily Hall

Jorge Garcia as Wallace

Fred Armisen as Gustave

Gillian Vigman as Gerta

Ryan Devlin as Bob Murray

Sean O'Bryan as Mayor Young

SuChin Pak as Herself

Jackie Burroughs as Mrs. Ryor

Gary Chalk as Sheriff Dave

Nicola Peltz as Mackenzie

Zak Santiago as Fireworks Guy

David Lewis as Ted

Daniel Bacon as Ed

Ken Kramer as Mr. Murray

Jill Morrison as Gail

Alfred (Alf) E. Humphreys as Hardware Store Employee

Brenda M. Crichlow as News Reporter #1

Jill Krop as Reporter #2

Agam Darshi as News Producer

David Stuart as Oblivious Dad

Quinn Lord as Santa Kid

Nathaniel DeVeaux as Main Street Passerby #1

Fulvio Cecere as Town Passerby

Eliza Norbury as Mary in the Manger

Randi Lynne as Caroler #1

Dan Joffre as Caroler #2

Aurora Faulkner-Killam as Caroler

Melissa Howell as Caroler

Lori Johnson as Caroler

David Shaw as Caroler

Myles Wolfe as Caroler

Ty Olsson as Trucker

Stephen Holmes as UPS Guy

Andrew Hedge as City Employee

Cory Monteith as Madisonís Date

Aaron Craven as Businessman Dad (uncredited)

Lochlyn Munro as Ted (uncredited)

Kal Penn as Amit Sayid, Satellite Computer Tech (uncredited)

Caroline Redekopp as Mackenzie's Mother (uncredited)

Arden Rhine as Background Performer (uncredited)

Calum Worthy as Boy On Bike (uncredited)

Michael Munoz as Buddy Stunt Double

Clay Virtue as Steve Stunt Double

Yvette Jackson as Kelly Stunt Double

Connor Crash Dunn as Carter Stunt Double

Eli Zagoudakis as Gustave Stunt Double

Jennifer Mylrea as Gerta Stunt Double

Simon Burnett as Mayor Young Stunt Double

Celia Bond as Mrs. Ryer Stunt Double

Nick Allen as Stuntperson

Tom Glass as Stuntperson

Krista Bell as Stuntperson

Alex Green as Stuntperson

Dean Choe as Stuntperson

Greg Hanson as Stuntperson

Brent Connolly as Stuntperson

Ken Kirzinger as Stuntperson

Chad Cosgrave as Stuntperson

Jon Kralt as Stuntperson

Michael DeFrancesco as Stuntperson

Aieisha Li as Stuntperson

Duane Dickinson as Stuntperson

Tony Morelli as Stuntperson

Ali Dunn as Stuntperson

Gaston Howard (Morrison) as Stuntperson

Austin Dunn as Stuntperson

Gerald Paetz as Stuntperson

Jim R. Dunn as Stuntperson

Quentin Schneider as Stuntperson

Caroline (Carolyn) Field as Stuntperson

Marshall Virtue as Stuntperson

Jonathan Field as Stuntperson

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