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Delta Force 2

The Colombian Connection


Released 1990

Aaron Norris = Director

Yoram Globus = Producer

Christopher Pearce = Producer

Avi Kleinberger = Associate Producer

Michael Hartman = Associate Producer

Chuck Norris as Col. Scott McCoy

Billy Drago as Ramon Cota

John P. Ryan as Gen. Taylor

Richard Jaeckel as DEA Agent John Page

Begonya Plaza as Quiquina Esquintla

Paul Perri as Maj. Bobby Chavez

Héctor Mercado as Miguel

Mark Margolis as Gen. Olmedo

Mateo Gómez as Ernesto Flores

Ruth de Sosa as Rita Chavez

Gerald Castillo as DEA Director George Fogerty

Geoff Brewer as Maj. Anderson

Rick Prieto as Carlos

Sharlene Ross as DEA Agent in Van

Michael Heit as DEA Agent in Van

Richard 'Dick' Warlock as DEA Agent in Van

Chris Castillejo as Alex Chavez

Dave Brodett as Mercenary Captain

Rina Reyes as Olmedo's Mistress

Subas Herrero as President Alcazar

Ronnie Lazaro as Quiquina's Husband

Miguel Faustmann as Host at Rio Ball

Kevin Kleppe as Wrong Ramon

Mimi Sananes Wilheim as Dancing Apple Girl

Jeff Hammett as Attorney

Kelly Wicker as Judge

Trevor Kunz as Stewardess

Ruel Vernal as Ramon's Bodyguard

Roland Dantes as Ramon's Bodyguard

Roldan Aquino as Ramon's Bodyguard

Kris Aguilar as Ramon's Bodyguard

Reynaldo Guiao Jr. as Ramon's Bodyguard

Alberto Domínguez as Ramon's Bodyguard

Craig Judd as Skinhead

Michael Welborn as Skinhead

Roy Judd as Skinhead

Luis Del Castillo III as Other Mercenary

Eric Hahn as DEA Agent

Jaime Miguel as DEA Agent

Curtis Carter as DEA Agent

Pita Liboro as Vietnamese Woman

Augusto Victa as Vietnamese Man

Greg Hackbarth as Coast Guard Crewman

Jerry Lapuz as Jefe

Carlos Terry as Olmeda's Servant

Alan Vafides as C-130 Pilot

Mike Warbis as C-130 Co-Pilot

Colin Massey as Pilot

Steve Brown as Co-Pilot

Nils Cruz as Olmedo's Sergeant

Dan Furnad as Delta Radioman

Peter Lindsay as Delta Gunner

Andre Del Amo as Reporter

Michael Myracle as Reporter

Bill Campbell as Delta Soldier

Joe Collins as Delta Soldier

Thomas Davidson as Delta Soldier

Jim Dixon as Delta Soldier

Ever Etafo as Delta Soldier

Ramin Houmayoun as Delta Soldier

Ned Hourani as Delta Soldier

Peter Ladd as Delta Soldier

Tom Leith as Delta Soldier

Hakan Losnitz as Delta Soldier

Jon Mosher as Delta Soldier

Peter Norlin as Delta Soldier

Andrew Siegenthaler as Delta Soldier

Mike Silva as Delta Soldier

Berto Spoor as Delta Soldier

Don Wilson as Delta Soldier

Najid Jadali as Colombian Druglord (uncredited)

Kurek Ashley as Stuntperson

Hank Baumert as Stuntperson

Gary Baxley as Stuntperson

Nils Cruz as Stuntperson

Dan Furnad as Stuntperson

Kinnie Gibson as Stuntperson

Andy Gill as Stuntperson

Jeff Habberstad as Stuntperson

Red Horton as Stuntperson

Howard Jackson as Stuntperson

Al Jones as Stuntperson

Rob King as Stuntperson

Steven Lambert as Stuntperson

Peter Lindsay as Stuntperson

Eric Mansker as Stuntperson

Keefe Millard as Stuntperson

Joe Murphy as Stuntperson

Eric Norris as Stuntperson

Brad Orrison as Stuntperson

Mark Orrison as Stuntperson

Jimmy Ortega as Stuntperson

Don Pike as Stuntperson

Tom Sanders as Stuntperson

Jan Michael Shultz as Stuntperson

John Sistrunk as Stuntperson

Charlie Skeen as Stuntperson

Brian Smrz as Stuntperson

Steve Solo as Stuntperson

Dick Warlock as Stuntperson

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