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Dennis The Menace


Released 1993

Nick Castle = Director

John Hughes = Producer

Richard Vane = Producer

William Ryan = Associate Producer

Ernest Chambers = Executive Producer

Walter Matthau as Mr. George Wilson

Mason Gamble as Dennis Mitchell

Joan Plowright as Mrs. Martha Wilson

Christopher Lloyd as Switchblade Sam

Lea Thompson as Mrs. Alice Mitchell

Robert Stanton as Mr. Henry Mitchell

Amy Sakasitz as Margaret Wade

Kellen Hathaway as Joey

Paul Winfield as Chief of Police

Natasha Lyonne as Polly

Devin Ratray as Mickey

Hank Johnston as Gunther Beckman

Melinda Mullins as Andrea

Billie Bird as Edith Butterwell

Bill Erwin as Edward Little

Arnold Stang as Photographer

Ben Stein as Boss

Ethel Gerstein as Gaggle Lady #1

Rebecca C. Hogan as Gaggle Lady #2

Leona Toppel as Gaggle Lady #3

Peggy Goldberg as Gaggle Lady #4

Jack McGuigan as Gaggle Man

Corey Vane as Mike

Casey Gamble as Hide and Seeker

Daiana Campeanu as Girl Babysitter

Robert A. Saunders as Broken Arm Babysitter

Beverly J. O'Donnell as Elderly Babysitter

Betty as Ruff

Suzy Brack as Next-Door Neighbor (uncredited)

Thomas F. Evans as Neighbor (uncredited)

Chad Randall as Stuntperson

Danny Castle as Stuntperson

Christopher Epper as Stuntperson

Cris Thomas-Palomino(-Hice) as Stuntperson

Eurlyne Epper as Stuntperson

Rick Le Fevour as Stuntperson

Kay Whipple as Stuntperson

Mark Harper as Stuntperson

Stacy Logan as Stuntperson

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