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The Desert Trail


Released 1935

Lewis D. Collins (Cullen Lewis) = Director

Paul Malvern = Producer

John Wayne as John Scott, aka John Jones

Mary Kornman as Anne

Paul Fix as Jim

Eddy Chandler as Kansas Charlie, aka Rev. Harry Smith

Carmen Laroux as Juanita LaRoux

Lafe McKee as Poker City Sheriff

Al Ferguson as Pete

Henry Hall as Farnsworth (Rodeo Promoter)

Silver Tip Baker as Poker Player (uncredited)

Frank Ball as Jake (Banker) (uncredited)

Frank Brownlee as Sheriff of Rattlesnake Gulch (uncredited)

Tommy Coats as Deputy Tommy (uncredited)

Dick Dickinson as Observer at Poker Game (uncredited)

Frank Ellis as Poker Player (uncredited)

Jack Evans as Townsman (uncredited)

Olin Francis as Poker player (uncredited)

Herman Hack as Posse Rider (uncredited)

Ray Henderson as Townsman (uncredited)

Theodore Lorch as Robbed Stage Passenger (uncredited)

Lew Meehan as Posse Rider (uncredited)

Artie Ortego as Deputy (uncredited)

Tex Palmer as Deputy (uncredited)

Fred Parker as Doctor (uncredited)

Archie Ricks as Stage Driver (uncredited)

Wally West as Poker Player & Stuntperson (uncredited)

Yakima Canutt as Stuntperson (archive footage) (uncredited)

Jack Jones as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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