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The Desperate Trail


Released 1994

P. J. Pesce = Director

Brad Krevoy = Producer

Steven Stabler = Producer

Chad Oman = Co-Producer

Sam Elliott as Marshall Bill Speakes

Craig Sheffer as Jack Cooper

Linda Fiorentino as Sarah O'Rourke

Frank Whaley as Walter Cooper

John Furlong as Zeb Hollister

Robin Westphal as Mamie Hollister

Boots Southerland as Scar Face Leader

Joey Hamlin as Laughing Boy Killer

Daniel (Danny) O'Haco as Happy

Bradley Whitford as Tommy Donnelly

Jill Scott Momaday as Janie

R. L. Tolbert as Lean Poker Player

P. J. Pesce as Scared Mustachioed Cowboy

Rockne Tarkington as Packo

Michael Huddleston as Clyde

Peter Gregory as Dry Goods Clerk

George Cook as Swedish Farmer

Elliot 'Bub' Tolbert as Michael

Andrea Camarena-Lindsay as Katrin

Jerry Gardner as Sheriff Whitaker

Sam Gauny as Wells Fargo Clerk

Wally Welch as Sanchez

Tom Berto as Stage Driver

Ramon Frank as Shotgun

Jeff O'Haco as Frenchy

Tom Abrams as Red

Jon Maldonado as Marvin

Malissa Feruzzi as Kate Jessie

Cecile Krevoy as Con Woman in Saloon

Gretchen Becker as Con Woman in Saloon

Joe Bernier as Rough Cowboy & Gunfighter (uncredited)

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