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The Devil's Own


Released 1997

Alan J. Pakula = Director

Lawrence Gordon = Producer

Robert F. Colesberry = Producer

Karen L. Thorson = Associate Producer

Lloyd Levin = Executive Producer

Donald Laventhall = Executive Producer

Harrison Ford as Tom O'Meara

Brad Pitt as Rory Devaney

Margaret Colin as Sheila O'Meara

Rubén Blades as Edwin Diaz

Treat Williams as Billy Burke

George Hearn as Peter Fitzsimmons

Mitch (Mitchell) Ryan as Chief Jim Kelly

Natascha McElhone as Megan Doherty

Paul Ronan as Sean Phelan

Simon Jones as Harry Sloan

Julia Stiles as Bridget O'Meara

Ashley Carin as Morgan O'Meara

Kelly Singer as Annie O'Meara

David O'Hara as Martin MacDuf

David Wilmot as Dessie

Anthony Brophy as Gerard

Shane Dunne as Young Frankie

Martin Dunne as Frankie's Father

Gabrielle Reidy as Frankie's Mother

Samantha Conroy as Frankie's Sister

Baxter Harris as Customs Agent

Hassan Johnson as Teenager

Scott Nicholson as Rookie Cop

Jonathan Earl Peck as Jerry

Sixto Ramos as Hispanic Man

Mya Michaels as Hispanic Woman

Jessica Marie Kavanagh as Hispanic Girl

Brendan Kelly as Teddy

Kevin Nagle as Thug

Gregory (Greg) Salata as Tony

Joseph P. Dandry as Joey the Bartender

Jack McKillop as Jack Fitzsimmons

Mac Orange as The Maid

Malachy McCourt as Bishop

Marian Tomas Griffin as Cousin Eileen

Peggy Shay as Aunt Birdie

Danielle McGovern as Brooke

Ciarán O'Reilly as Father Canlon

Rob McElhenney as Kevin

Donald J. Meade as Irish Musician

Patrick Reynolds as Irish Musician

Peter Rufli as Irish Musician

Debbon Ayer as Tour Guide

Mario Polit as Young Dominican

Chance Kelly as Masked Burglar

Greg Stebner as Uniformed Cop

William Paulson as Detective

Bill Hoag as Trucker

Victor Slezak as FBI Agent Evan Stanley

Damien Leake as FBI Agent Art Fisher

Ricardo Cordero as Police Sergent Aims (uncredited)

Joseph Tudisco as Cop #1 (uncredited)

Ron Wall as Desk Sergeant (uncredited)

John Alden as Stunt Double Mr. Ford

Scott Wilder as Stunt Double Mr. Pitt

Dan Barringer as Stunt Double Mr. Blades

Eliza Coleman as Stuntperson

Robert Dale Marrocco as Stuntperson

Keith Campbell as Stuntperson

Eddie Matthews as Stuntperson

Richard Blackwell as Stuntperson

Jim Wilkey as Stuntperson

Dan Bradley as Stuntperson

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