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Disaster Movie


Released 2008>

Jason Friedberg = Director

Aaron Seltzer = Director

Peter Safran = Producer

Jason Friedberg = Producer

Aaron Seltzer = Producer

Kenny Yates = Associate Producer

Jerry P. Jacobs = Co-Producer

Hal Olofsson = Executive Producer

Matt Lanter as Will

Vanessa Minnillo as Amy

Gary 'G. Thang' Johnson as Calvin

Nicole Parker as Enchanted Princess, Amy Winehouse

Look-A-Like & Jessica Simpson Look-A-Like

Crista Flanagan as Juney & Hannah Montana

Kim Kardashian as Lisa

Ike Barinholtz as Wolf, Javier Bardem Look-A-Like,

Police Officer, Hellboy, Batman, Beowulf & Prince Caspian

Carmen Electra as Beautiful Assassin

Tony Cox as Indiana Jones

Tad Hilgenbrink as Prince

Nick Steele as Underwear Model

John Di Domenico as Dr. Phil Look-A-Like & Love Guru

Jason Boegh as Male Carrie

Valerie Wildman as Samantha

Abe Spigner as Flava-Flav Look-A-Like

Noah Harpster as Jonah

Austin Michael Scott as McLover

Devin Crittenden as Michael Cera Look-A-Like

Dana Seltzer as Head On Voice

Michelle Lang as Hot Girl

Jonas Neal as Justin Timberlake Look-A-Like

Walter Harris as Hancock

Ty Miller (Wesley) as Kid

Gerard Facchini as Iron Man

Jacob Tolano (Wood) as Bruce Banner

Roland Kickinger as Hulk

Christopher Johnson as Michael Jackson Look-A-Like

Preston James Hillier as Cowboy Fan

Johnny Rock as Male Enchanted Princess

David Born as Referee

Genevieve Guzchack as Bikini Girl #1

Hilary Kennedy as Bikini Girl #2

Lloyd Arnold II as Jojo

Jared S. Eddo as Speed Racer & Stuntperson

Yoshio Iizuka as Kung Fu Panda & Stuntperson

Lauren Gottlieb as Cheerleader Dancer #1

Katrina Norman as Cheerleader Dancer #2

Monica Soto as Cheerleader Dancer #3

Audra Griffis as Cheerleader Dancer #4

Amaris Davidson as Cheerleader Dancer #5

Courtney Shay Young as Cheerleader Dancer #6

Clinton Huff as Basketball Dancer #1

Devin Walker as Basketball Dancer #2

Dominique Kelley as Basketball Dancer #3

Jeremy Barthel as Basketball Dancer #4

Billy Jackson as Basketball Dancer #5

Luke Sexton as Basketball Dancer #6

David Carmen as Calvin Double-Dancer

Julie Ulrich as Juney Double-Dancer

Jerry 'Flomaster' Randolph as Enchanted Princess Double-Dancer

Tucker Barkley as Prince Double-Dancer

Richard Reflefsen as Puppeteer

Ron Karoska as Puppeteer

Mark Villalobos as Puppeteer

Clinton Wayne as Puppeteer

Matt Jorgenson as Puppeteer

Robin Atkin Downes as Voice of Emergency Broadcaster (uncredited)

Michael Byrnes as (Middle) Hulk (uncredited)

Jon Dainty as Party Goer (uncredited)

Lacey Ford as Party Goer (uncredited)

Brandon B. Helmes as Bloody Pedestrian (uncredited)

Brandy Moon as Bikini Girl (uncredited)

Halley Rachal as Sweet Sixteen Party Guest (uncredited)

Sarah J. Thompson as College Party Goer &

Bloody Pedestrian (uncredited)

Kenny Yates as Hop Sing (uncredited)

Henry Kingi Jr. as Stuntperson

Bridgett Riley as Stuntperson

Brian Patrick Collins as Stuntperson

Ryan Watson as Stuntperson

Helena Barret as Stuntperson

Brandon Loeser as Stuntperson

Amy Baniecki as Stuntperson

Kym Stys as Stuntperson

Lenny Harris as Stuntperson

Patrick Gallaway as Stuntperson

Deven MacNair as Stuntperson

Scott Cosgrove as Stuntperson

Brent Bernhard as Stuntperson

Lateef Crowder as Stuntperson

Lena Fennema as Stuntperson

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