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The Dolphin

Story of a Dreamer


Released 2009

Eduardo Schuldt = Director

Sergio Bambaren = Producer

Thomas Müller = Associate Producer

Joachim Hellinger = Associate Producer

Lorenzo Von Lorch = Co-Producer

Jan Alvarez-Guerra = Executive Producer

Robbie Daymond as Voices of Daniel Dolphin, Barracuda Jr.,

Fish #2, Fish #3, Crab #1, Crab #2 & Blowfish

Robert Howard as Voice of Carl

Michael Ferreri as Voices of Lucius, Old Dolphin

& Storyteller

Corey J. Holtzberg as Voices of Mr. Bite & Maitre

Debra L. Repashy as Voices of Leena, Squishy, Sparky,

Voice of the Sea, Medusa, Kia, Carl's Mom & Fish #1

Steven Booth as Voice of Michael

Melissa LaFore as Voice of Manta

Marilyn A. Billone as Voice of Bertha

Brian W. Roberts as Voices of Sun Fish & Leader

Dina Monaco-Boland as Voices of Kaleo (Leena's Little

Brother) & Squishy's Mom

Robbie Daymond as Voices of Barracuda Jr., Fish #2,

Fish #3, Crab #1 & Crab #2


Karina Jordan as Voice of Daniel

Bruno Ascenso as Voice of Carl

Jose Sarmiento as Voices of Lucius & Storyteller

Herman Romero as Voice of Mr. Bite

Giovanni Ciccia as Voice of Michael

Margarita Leon as Voice of Manta

Bruno Odar as Voice of Maitre

Elva Alcandre as Voice of Bertha

Natalia Parodi as Voices of Squishy, Sparky & Medusa #1

Carlos Victoria as Voice of Sun Fish

Elsa Olivero as Voice of the Sea

Oscar Carrillo as Voice of Leader

Leonardo Torres Descalzi as Voice of Old Dolphin

Anneliese Fiedler as Voices of Medusa #2 & Carl's Mom

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