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Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead


Released 1991

Stephen Herek = Director

Robert F. Newmyer = Producer

Brian Reilly = Producer

Jeffrey Silver = Producer

Caroline Baron = Associate Producer

Davis Guggenheim = Associate Producer

Michael Phillips = Executive Producer

Christina Applegate as Sue Ellen 'Swell' Crandell

Joanna Cassidy as Rose Lindsey

John Getz as Gus

Josh Charles as Bryan

Keith Coogan as Kenny Crandell

Concetta Tomei as Mrs. Crandell

David Duchovny as Bruce

Kimmy Robertson as Cathy

Jayne Brook as Carolyn

Eda Reiss Merin as Mrs. Sturak

Robert Hy Gorman as Walter Crandell

Danielle Harris as Melissa Crandell

Christopher Pettiet as Zach Crandell

Chris Claridge as Lizard

Jeff Bollow as Mole

Michael Kopelow as Hellhound

Alejandro Quezada as Skull

Wendy Brainard as Jill

Sarah Buxton as Tess

Kawena Charlot as Becky

Laurie Morrison as Katrina

Deborah Tucker as Nicole

Sydney Lassick as Franklin

Michelle Mais as The Temp

Oscar Jordan as Mailroom Clerk

Marc Epstein as Lunch Waiter

Jim Holmes as Dinner Waiter

Cathy Ladman as Pam

Frank Dent as Mr. Egg

Bryan Clark as Dr. Permutter

Steve Ruggles as Officious Clerk

Randy Pelish as Delivery Man

E. E. Bell as Umpire

Kristen Corbett as Pretty Little Leaguer

Christopher Plummer as Howard

Carl Tramon as Musician #1

Ethan Wilson as Musician #2

Logan Duncan as Liza

David Shawn Michaels as Dolly

Christopher Morley as Marilyn

Robert F. Newmyer as Mortuary Worker

Brian M. Reilly as Mortuary Worker

Dan Castellaneta as Voice of Animated Babysitter

Elvis as Bud

Bobby Porter as Walter Double

Laura Dash as Stunt Double (uncredited)

William R. Perry as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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