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Double, Double, Toil and Trouble


Released 1993

Stuart Margolin = Director

Adria Later = Producer

Mark Bacino = Producer

Jim Green = Executive Producer

Allen S. Epstein = Executive Producer

Mary-Kate Olsen as Kelly Farmer & Young Aunt Sofia

Ashley Olsen as Lynn Farmer & Young Aunt Agatha

Cloris Leachman as Aunt Agatha & Aunt Sofia

Phil Fondacaro as Oscar

Eric McCormack as Don Farmer

Kelli Fox as Christine Farmer

Wayne Robson as Gravedigger

Matthew Walker as George

Meshach Taylor as Mr. N

Denalda Williams as Hostess

Gary Jones as Bernard Brewster

Babz Chula as Madame Lulu

Bill Meilen as Chairperson

Nora McLellan as Female Cop

Alex Green as Pumpkin Driver

Alex Diakun as Doorman

Claire Caplan as Witch #1

Karin Konoval as Witch #2

Glynis Leyshon as Witch #3

Mitchell (Mitch) Kosterman as Cop

Gerry McAteer as Fred

Eliza Centenara as Girl #1

Christopher Anderson as Boy #1

Lynda Boyd as Singer

Ian Bagg as Fat Man

Freda Perry as Girl's Mother

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