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Double Trouble


Released 1966

Norman Taurog = Director

Judd Bernard = Producer

Irwin Winkler = Producer

Elvis Presley as Guy Lambert

Annette Day as Jill Conway

John Williams as Gerald Waverly

Yvonne Romain as Claire Dunham

The Wiere Brothers as Themselves

Chips Rafferty as Archie Brown

Norman Rossington as Arthur Babcock

Monty Landis as Georgie

Michael Murphy as Morley

Leon Askin as Inspector de Groote

John Alderson as Iceman

Stanley Adams as Captain Roach

Maurice Marsac as Frenchman

Walter Burke as Mate

Helene Winston as Gerda

The G Men as Themselves

Peter Balakoff as Policeman (uncredited)

Bob Bergy as Chicken Truck Driver (uncredited)

Hal Bokar as Masked Man (uncredited)

Barry Cole as Juggler (uncredited)

George Dee as Sleepy Man (uncredited)

Ted DeWayne as Acrobat (uncredited)

Luke Gerard as Peddler (uncredited)

Josh Harding as Seaman (uncredited)

Chester Hayes as Stiltwalker (uncredited)

Rodney Hoeltzel as Juggler (uncredited)

Bob Homel as Moe (uncredited)

Mary Hughes as Watusi Dancer (uncredited)

Robert Isenberg as Pirate (uncredited)

Bob Johnson as Juggler (uncredited)

Murray Kamelhar as Policeman (uncredited)

Marilyn Keymer as Twin #1 at London Nightclub (uncredited)

Melody Keymer as Twin #2 at London Nightclub (uncredited)

George Klein as Bit (uncredited)

Laurie Lambert as Child (uncredited)

Monique LeMaire as Flemish Clerk at Hotel Olympia (uncredited)

Frank Mitchell as Customs Officer (uncredited)

Jan Reddin as Discotheque Dancer (uncredited)

Danny Rees as Juggler (uncredited)

Christopher Riordan as Young Englishman (uncredited)

Audrey Saunders as Acrobat (uncredited)

Ray Saunders as Acrobat (uncredited)

Ralph Smiley as Policeman (uncredited)

Billy Smith as Extra (uncredited)

Bill Snyder as Acrobat (uncredited)

Jack Teagarden as Acrobat (uncredited)

Rick Teagarden as Acrobat (uncredited)

Sheryl Ullman as Patron (uncredited)

Carol Daniels as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Louie Elias as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Polly Geerts as Stunt Double: Annette Day (uncredited)

Del 'Sonny' West as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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