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Dragon Hunters


Released 2008

Guillaume Ivernel = Director

Arthur Qwak = Director

Philippe Delarue = Producer

Gladys Morchoisne = Associate Producer

Patrick Vandenbosch = Associate Producer

Klaus Badelt = Co-Executive Producer

Robyn Klein = Co-Executive Producer

Michael Coldewey = Co-Producer

Lillian Eche = Co-Producer

Jacques Bled = Co-Producer

Jean-Jacques Benhamou = Co-Producer

Forest Whitaker as Voice of Lian-Chu

Rob Paulsen as Voices of Gwizdo, Lensflair, Bat 1 & Bat 2

Mary Mouser as Voice of Zoe

Dave Wittenberg as Voice of Hector

Nick Jameson as Voice of Lord Arnold

Jess Harnell as Voice of Gildas

John Di Maggio as Voice of Fat John

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