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Dragon Lance

Dragons of Autumn Twilight


Released 2008

Will Meugniot = Director

Arthur I. Cohen = Producer

Steve Stabler = Producer

Judy Sharinger = Associate Producer

Cindi Rice = Co-Executive Producer

John Frank Rosenblum = Co-Executive Producer

Barr B. Potter = Co-Executive Producer

Hari Varma = Co-Producer

Baiju Gopinathan = Co-Producer

P. Jayakumar = Executive Producer

Christian Arnold-Beutel = Executive Producer

Kiefer Sutherland as Voice of Raistlin Majere

Lucy Lawless as Voice of Goldmoon

Michael Rosenbaum as Voice of Tanthalas 'Tanis' Half-Elven

Michelle Trachtenberg as Voice of Tika

Jason Marsden as Voices of Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Goblin #2

& Goblin Servant

Fred Tatasciore as Voices of Flint Fireforge,

Fewmaster Toede & Hederlich

Rino Romano as Voices of Caramon Majere, Goblin Guard

& Goblin Leader

Neil Ross as Voices of Fizban The Fabulous,

Dragonian #1 & Dragonian Guard

Marc Worden as Voice of Sturm Brightblade

Phil LaMarr as Voices of Riverwind, Gilthanas

& Speaker of the Suns

Dee Bradley Baker as Voices of Erik, Porthios & Pyros

Juliette Cohen as Voices of Onyx & Elven Woman

Nika Futterman as Voices of Takhisis & Slave #3

Caroline Gelabert as Voice of Laurana

Ben L. McCain as Voices of Elistan & Slave #1

Jentle Phoenix as Voices of Bupu & Brianna

John Frank Rosenblum as Voices of Dragonian #2, Rufus

& Slave #2

Susan Silo as Voices of Flamestrike & Servant #1

David Sobolov as Voice of Verminaard

Mari Weiss as Voice of The Forestmaster & Slave Woman

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