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Dr. Dolittle 3


Released 2006

Rich Thorne = Director

John Davis = Producer

Connie Dolphin = Co-Producer

Brian Manis = Executive Producer

Wyck Godfrey = Executive Producer

Kyla Pratt as Maya Dolittle

Kristen Wilson as Lisa Dolittle

Walker Howard as Bo Jones

John Amos as Jud Jones

Luciana Carro as Brooklyn Webster

Tommy Snider as Clayton

Calum Worthy as Tyler

Chenier Hundal as Chip

Ryan McDonell as Skip

Tara Wilson as Kiki

John Novak as Walter

Chelan Simmons as Vivica

Ecstasia Sanders as Tammy

O'Ryan Browner as Carl

James Kirk as Peter

Derek Anderson as Cop

Neil Schell as Mr. Davis

Beverley Breuer as Mrs. Taylor

Christine Lippa as Woman with dog

Gary Jones as Principal

Carly McKillip as Tammy´s Friend

Justin Thorne as Party Kid #1

Emily Tennant as Party Kid #2

Alistair Abell as Honkey Tonk Announcer

Peter Kelamis as Rodeo Announcer

Louis Chirillo as Bus Driver

Phil Proctor as Voice of Stray Dog & Drunk Monkey

Mark Moseley as Voices of Harry the Hawk,

Patches the Horse, Ranch Steer,

Silver the Horse & Rodeo Longhorns

Chris Edgerly as Voices of Pig, LP the Horse,

Diamond the Horse & Rattlesnake

Paulo Costanzo as Voice of Cogburn the Rooster

Maggie Wheeler as Voices of Brown Hen & Fluffy Hen

Vanessa Marshall as Voices of White Hen & Tan Hen

Susan Silo as Voice of Mary the Goat

Melanie Chartoff as Voice of Black & White Hen

Jenna von O˙ as Voice of Gracie

Gary Busey as Voice of Butch

Danny Bonaduce as Voice of Ranch Steer

Eli Gabay as Voices of Rodeo Steer & Rodeo Bull

Chantal Hunt as Dancer (uncredited)

Norm MacDonald as Voice of Lucky (uncredited)

Charlie Attrill as Stuntperson

Thomas Bews as Stuntperson

Roy Call as Stuntperson

Dave Campbell as Stuntperson

Laura Lee Connery as Stuntperson

Brady Denner as Stuntperson

Marny Eng as Stuntperson

Lacey Jo Faulkner as Stuntperson

David Jacox as Stuntperson

David H. Leader as Stuntperson

Quinn Mason as Stuntperson

Wade McNolty as Stuntperson

Scott Nicholson as Stuntperson

Gerald Paetz as Stuntperson

Carman Pozzobon as Stuntperson

Spencer Rutherford as Stuntperson

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