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Dr. Dolittle

Tail To The Chief


Released 2008

Craig Shapiro = Director

John Davis = Producer

Brian Manis = Producer

Connie Dolphin = Co-Producer

Kyla Pratt as Maya Dolittle

Peter Coyote as President Sterling

Malcolm Stewart as Chief Dorian

Niall Matter as Cole Fletcher

Elise Gatien as Courtney Sterling

Karen Holness as Lisa Dolittle

Christine Chatelain as Selma

Kwesi Ameyaw as Prince Tharoor

Stephanie Belding as Doris Park-Weaver

Christopher Gaze as Academic #1

Andrew McIlroy as Academic #2

Kirsten Kilburn as Co-Ed

Adam Thomas as Frat Boy

Jason (Jase-Anthony) Griffith as Guard

Alex Kliner as Janitor

Jennifer Coolidge as Voice of Daisy

Richard Kind as Voice of Groundhog

Phil Proctor as Voice of Monkey

Ben Diskin as Voice of Anteater

Greg Ellis as Voice of Wallaby

Nolan North as Voice of Parrot

Diana Yanez as Voice of Chinchilla

Crumpet as Lucky

Bunny as Daisy

Buster as Monkey

Hollywood as Monkey

Keith Dallas as Director (uncredited)

Norm MacDonald as Voice of Lucky (uncredited)

Steve Oatway as Mailman (uncredited)

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