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Dr. Dolittle

Million Dollar Mutts


Released 2009

Alex Zamm = Director

John Davis = Producer

Brian Manis = Producer

Connie Dolphin = Co-Producer

Kyla Pratt as Maya Dolittle

Tegan Moss as Tiffany Monaco

Brandon Jay McLaren as Brandon Turner

Jason Bryden as Rick Beverley

Judge Reinhold as Network Executive

Karen Holness as Lisa Dolittle

Val Cole as Entertainment Reporter

Jay Brazeau as College Dean

Lisa Marie Caruk as Trendy Girl

Maxine Miller as Little Old Lady

Elizabeth Thai as Reporter

Frank Cassini as Fireman #1

Sebastian Spence as Chad Cassidy

Doron Bell Jr. as Ridiculuz

Curtis Caravaggio as Chase & Hotshot Young Agent

Jensen Elizabeth Davis as Young Starlet

Grahame Andrews as Old Comic

Sarah Deakins as Vet

Matthew Harrison as Paul Furhooven & Director #1

Sarah Deniege as Hip Chick

Nicolas Treeshin as Camera Assistant

Keith Blackman Dallas as Monkey Movie Director

Ian Rozylo as Swashbuckler

Norman Hunger as Racecar Driver

Anthony Dodd as Limo Driver & Chauffeur

Mark Hillson as Biker Guy

Jaime Ray Newman as Voice of Emmy

Phil Procter as Voices of Monkey & Snake

Greg Ellis as Voice of Dave the Dove

Fred Stoller as Voice of Fluffernufferman

Pauly Shore as Voice of Cat

Jeff Bennett as Voices of Princess, Rocco, Frog & Horse

Vicki Lewis as Voice of Chubster

Stephen Root as Voice of Turtle

Greg Proops as Voice of Poodle

Crumpet as Lucky

Raine as Emmy

Buster as Monkey

Hollywood as Monkey

Ian Thompson as Firefighter (uncredited)

Eduardo Noda as Reporter (uncredited)

Ayesha Shiva as Bikini Girl (uncredited)

Mike Desabrais as Stunt Pirate

Trevor Jones as Stunt Mummy

Mike Carpenter as Stunt Double

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