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The Dream Team


Released 1989

Howard Zieff = Director

Christopher W. Knight = Producer

Michael Sheehy = Associate Producer

Jon Connolly = Co-Producer

David Loucka = Co-Producer

Joseph M. Caracciolo = Executive Producer

Michael Keaton as Billy Caufield

Christopher Lloyd as Henry Sikorsky

Peter Boyle as Jack McDermott

Stephen Furst as Albert Ianuzzi

Dennis Boutsikaris as Dr. Weitzman

Lorraine Bracco as Riley

Milo O'Shea as Dr. Newald

Philip Bosco as O'Malley

James Remar as Gianelli

Jack Gilpin as Dr. Tanner

MacIntyre Dixon as Dr. Verboven

Michael Lembeck as Ed

Bill Goffi as Singer/Accordionist

Jack Duffy as Bernie

Brad Sullivan as Sgt. Vincente

Larry Pine as Canning

Harold Surratt as Pastor Lester

The Frierson Family Singers as Gospel Group

Kenneth Raybourne as Gospel Musician

Alphonsus E. Platt as Gospel Musician

Robert Weil as Caesar

Janet Feindel as Senior Nurse

Tico Wells as Station Attendant

Barry Flatman as Arrogant Yuppie

Ted Simonett as Yuppie

Bruce Hunter as Yuppie

John Stocker as Murray

Lizbeth MacKay as Henry's Wife

Olivia Horton as Henry's Daughter

Richard Fitzpatrick as Dr. Bauer

Jack Jessop as Dr. Meekum

Ron James as Dwight

Dennis Parlato as TV Newscaster

Freda Foh Shen as TV Newscaster

Donna Hanover as Field Reporter

Greg Beresford as Field Reporter

Wayne Tippit as Captain Lewitt

Eric Fink as Priest

A. Frank Ruffo as Relative

Michael Copeman as Con Ed Man

Victor Ertmanis as Man in Mets Jersey

Cynthia Belliveau as Nurse

Stewart Bick as Paramedic

James O'Regan as Litterbug

Dick Callahan as Bartender

Shel (Shelley) Goldstein as Waitress

Jihmi Kennedy as Tow Man

Marty Waldman as Salesman

Michelyn Emelle as Duty Nurse Harriet

Michael Beatty as Intern

Jane Luk as Admissions Nurse

Marilyn Peppiatt as Floor Nurse

Myra Fried as Floor Nurse

J. R. Zimmerman as Hospital Guard

Maxine Miller as Newald's Secretary

Patricia Idelette as Woman at Police Station

Max Haines as Guard

Henry Gomez as Guard

Ellen Maguire as Canning's Secretary

Al Therrien as Security Guard

Don Saunders as Security Guard

John Liddle as Cop

Dwayne McLean (Maclean) as Old Gent

Kay Hawtrey as Nurse

Patricia Carrol Brown as Nurse

Chick Roberts as Old Guard

Nicholas Pasco as Man Out Window

John Hayden as Cop (uncredited)

Roger Montgomery as Church Bouncer (uncredited)

Bill Anagnos as Stuntperson

John Hayden as Stuntperson

Peter Bucossi as Stuntperson

Jery Hewitt as Stuntperson

Norman Douglass as Stuntperson

Ren Campbell (Karen Kennedy) as Stuntperson

Roy Farfel as Stuntperson

Phil Neilson as Stuntperson

Nicholas J. Giangiulio as Stuntperson

Hugh Aodh O'Brien as Stuntperson

Eric Griffin as Stuntperson

Michael Russo as Stuntperson

Deborah Watkins as Stuntperson

Nicholas J. Gray as Stuntperson: Toronto

Branko Racki as Stuntperson: Toronto

Brent Meyer as Stuntperson: Toronto

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