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Drive Angry


Released 2011

Patrick Lussier = Director

Michael De Luca = Producer

René Besson = Producer

Adam Fields = Producer

Ed Cathell III = Co-Producer

Zach Schiff-Abrams = Co-Producer

Josh Bratman = Co-Producer

Boaz Davidson = Executive Producer

Joe Gatta = Executive Producer

Avi Lerner = Executive Producer

Danny Dimbort = Executive Producer

Trevor Short = Executive Producer

Nicolas Cage as Milton

Amber Heard as Piper

William Fichtner as The Accountant

Billy Burke as Jonah King

David Morse as Webster

Todd Farmer as Frank

Christa Campbell as Mona

Charlotte Ross as Candy

Tom Atkins as Cap

Jack McGee as Fat Lou

Kathy Mixon as Norma Jean

Wanetah Walmsley as American Indian Mother

Robin McGee as Guy with Camera Phone

Fabian C. Moreno as Latino Busboy

Edrick Browne as Rookie

Marc Macaulay as Sarge

Pruitt Taylor Vince as Roy

Julius Washington as Uniformed Officer

Jamie Teer as Babysitter

Bryan Massey as Trooper #1

Timothy Walter as Trooper #2

Kent Jude Bernard as Teen #1

Brent Henry as Teen #2

Gerry May as TV Male News Reporter #1

Sherri Talley as TV Female News Reporter #2

Arianne Martin as Milton's Daughter (Older)

Con Schell as Fucking Driver

Nick Gomez as Fucking Middle

Joe Chrest as Fucking Passenger

Oakley Lehman as Cultist with Iron Pipe

Thirl R. Haston as Cultist with Sickle

Jake Brake as Cultist with Machete

Tim J. Smith as Cultist with Hatchet

Jeffrey J. Dashnaw as Cowboy with Cattle Prod &


Tim Trella as Cultist with Sledge &

Mr. Fichtner's Stunt Double

James Hébert as Man in Leather Jacket

Kenneth Wayne Bradley as Man in Wig

Kendrick Hudson as Burly Dude

Michael Papajohn as Tattooed Guy

April Littlejohn as Business Woman

Henry M. Kingi as Thin Old Man

Simona Williams (Simone Levin) as Lady in Leopard Skin

Shelby Swatek as Truck Driving Woman

Kimberly Shannon Murphy as Girl in Morgan &

Ms. Heard's Stunt Double

Lanie Taylor as Milton's Daughter (Younger) (uncredited)

Dan Forest as American Indian Dad (uncredited)

Elise Fyke as Laughing Cowgirl (uncredited)

Jonathan O'Rear as Resturant Patron (uncredited)

James Paul as Bar Patron (uncredited)

David Lee Valle as Highway Patrol (uncredited)

Oakley Lehman as Mr. Cage's Stunt Double

Amy Ann Davis as Ms. Heard's Stunt Double

Matt Baker as Stuntperson

Jace Ament as Stuntperson

Dino Dos Santos as Stuntperson

James R. 'Trey' Davis III as Stuntperson

Shauna Duggins as Stuntperson

Chris J. Fanguy as Stuntperson

Paul Eliopoulos as Stuntperson

Lex D. Geddings as Stuntperson

Dane Farwell as Stuntperson

Jeff Habberstad as Stuntperson

Lance Gilbert as Stuntperson

Michael Haynes as Stuntperson

Randy Hall as Stuntperson

Kym Stys as Stuntperson

Brian Hite as Stuntperson

Anthony Molinari as Stuntperson

Jake Lombard as Stuntperson

Casey O'Neill as Stuntperson

Caryn Mower as Stuntperson

Con Schell as Stuntperson

Quay Parton as Stuntperson

Matthew Taylor as Stuntperson

Dother Sykes IV as Stuntperson

Keith Woulard as Stuntperson

Scott Workman as Stuntperson

Tim J. Smith as Stuntperson

Mark Yawn as Stuntperson

Thirl Haston as Stuntperson

Trey Davis as Stuntperson

Craig Hosking as Helicopter Pilot

Gary J. Tunnicliffe as Puppeteer

Mike J. Regan as Puppeteer

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