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Driven To Kill


Released 2009

Jeff F. King = Director

Kirk Shaw = Producer

Robert Crippen = Associate Producer

Scott A. Matthews = Co-Producer

Steven Seagal = Executive Producer

Phillip B. Goldfine = Executive Producer

Tim J. Brown = Executive Producer

Kim Arnott = Executive Producer

Lindsay MacAdam = Executive Producer

Steven Seagal as Ruslan Drachev

Dmitry Chepovetsky as Stephan

Igor Jijikine as Mikhail

Robert Wisden as Terry

Inna Korobkina as Catherine Goldstein

Zak Santiago as Detective Lavastic

Alexander Rafalski as Alex

Yevgeni (Eugene) Lazarev as Bartender

Laura Mennell as Lanie Drachev

Aleks Paunovic as Tony Links

Ingrid Torrance as Detective Norden

Sergei Nasibov as Ilya

Mike Dopud as Boris

Crystal Lowe as Tanya

Daniel Cudmore as Young Guy

Gerry South as Taxi Driver

Dan Rizzuto as Thug #1

Brad Kelly as Thug #2

Ed Anders as Thug #3

Rob 'Sluggo' Boyce as Thug #4

Mike Desabrais as Thug #5

Phillip Mitchell as Thug #6

Robbie Holloway as Young Police Officer

Linda Minard as Doctor Brown

Brent Stait as Dino

Paul Lazenby as Goon #1

Brad (Bradley) Loree as Goon #2

Hugo Steele as Goon #3

Reg Tupper as Pawn Shop Owner

Holly Eglington as Regime

Christine Sutcliffe as Bunny Bridget

Colin Lawrence as Police Officer #2

Darryl Scheelar as Cop #1

Janine Carleton as Cop #2

Josh Blacker as Heavy Set Man

David Hooper as Patient

Dan Payne as Sergei

Todd Scott as Young Thug #2

Sarah Drzazgowski as Hooker

Francine Cohen as Exotic Dancer #1

Rita Edwards as Exotic Dancer #2

Yasmine Vox as Exotic Dancer #3

Glenn Ennis as Ruslan Stunt Double

Heath Stevenson as Mikhail Stunt Double

Nick Harrison as Tony Stunt Double

Jason Calder as Ilya Stunt Double

Rick Pearce as Pawn Shop Owner Stunt Double

Chris Whitelaw as Ruslan Photo Double

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