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Easy Rider


Released 1969

Dennis Hopper = Director

Peter Fonda = Producer

William L. Hayward = Associate Producer

Bert Schneider = Executive Producer

Peter Fonda as Wyatt

Dennis Hopper as Billy

Antonio Mendoza as Jesus

Phil Spector as Connection

Mac Mashourian as Bodyguard

Warren Finnerty as Rancher

Tita Colorado as Rancher's Wife

Luke Askew as Stranger on Highway

Luana Anders as Lisa, Commune

Sabrina Scharf as Sarah, Commune

Sandy Brown Wyeth as Joanne, Commune

Robert Walker Jr. as Jack, Commune

Robert Ball as Mime #1, Commune

Carmen Phillips as Mime #2, Commune

Ellie Wood Walker as Mime #3, Commune

Michael Pataki as Mime #4, Commune

Jack Nicholson as George Hanson, Jail

George Fowler Jr. as Guard, Jail

Keith Green as Sheriff, Jail

Hayward Robillard as Cat Man, Cafe

Arnold Hess Jr. as Deputy, Cafe

Buddy Causey Jr. as Customer #1, Cafe

Duffy Lafont as Customer #2, Cafe

Blase M. Dawson as Customer #3, Cafe

Paul Guedry Jr. as Customer #4, Cafe

Suzie Ramagos as Girl #1, Cafe

Elida Ann Hebert as Girl #2, Cafe

Rose LeBlanc as Girl #3, Cafe

Mary Kaye Hebert as Girl #4, Cafe

Cynthia Grezaffi as Girl #5, Cafe

Colette Purpera as Girl #6, Cafe

Toni Basil as Mary, House of Blue Lights

Karen Black as Karen, House of Blue Lights

Lea Marmer as Madame, House of Blue Lights

Cathé Cozzi as Dancing Girl, House of Blue Lights

Thea Salerno as Hooker #1, House of Blue Lights

Anne McClain as Hooker #2, House of Blue Lights

Beatriz Monteil as Hooker #3, House of Blue Lights

Marcia Bowman as Hooker #4/House of Blue Lights

David C. Billodeau as Man in Pickup Truck

Johnny David as Man in Pickup Truck

Susan Brewer as Woman in Commune (uncredited)

Bridget Fonda as Child in Commune (uncredited)

Justin Fonda as Child in Commune (uncredited)

Virgil Frye as Biker (uncredited)

Dan Haggerty as Man in Commune (uncredited)

Randee Lynne Jensen as player (uncredited)

Carrie Snodgress as Woman in Commune (uncredited)

Gary Littlejohn as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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