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Released 2003

Jon Favreau = Director

Jon Berg = Producer

Todd Komarnicki = Producer

Shauna Robertson = Producer

David B. Householter = Co-Producer

Toby Emmerich = Executive Producer

Kent Alterman = Executive Producer

Cale Boyter = Executive Producer

Jimmy Miller = Executive Producer

Julie Wixson Darmody = Executive Producer

Will Ferrell as Buddy

James Caan as Walter

Bob Newhart as Papa Elf

Edward Asner as Santa

Mary Steenburgen as Emily

Zooey Deschanel as Jovie

Daniel Tay as Michael

Faizon Love as Gimbel's Manager

Peter Dinklage as Miles Finch

Amy Sedaris as Deb

Michael Lerner as Fulton

Andy Richter as Morris

Kyle Gass as Eugene

Artie Lange as Gimbel's Santa

Leon Redbone as Voice of Leon the Snowman

Ray Harryhausen as Voice of Polar Bear Cub

Claire Lautier as NY 1 Reporter

Ted Friend as NY 1 Anchor

Patrick Ferrell as Security Guard

Patrick McCartney as Security Guard

Jon Favreau as Doctor

Lydia Lawson-Baird as Carolyn

Brenda McDonald as Nun

Annie Brebner as Elf Student

Luke Pohl as Elf Student

Meghan Black as Elf

Patrick Baynham as Elf

Michael Roberds as Disgruntled Cobbler Elf

Peter A. Hulne as Elf Twin

Patrick Hulne as Elf Twin

Richard Side as Elf Teacher

David Paul Grove as Pom Pom

Kristian Ayre as Foom Foom

Lorin Heath as Perfume Clerk

Dillard Brinson as Printer

Brad Turner as Office Co-Worker

David Berenbaum as Office Co-Worker

Brenda Crichlow as Office Co-Worker

Oscar Goncalves as Francisco

Mary Black as Nurse

Murray Jack as Man in Elevator

Mark Acheson as Mailroom Guy

Robin Mossley as Chuck

Paul Schofield as Kid with Santa

Matt Walsh as Himself

Will McCormack as Witness

Gus Michael as Witness

Alexandra Michael as Child

Terry J. Scarlatos as Police Officer

Jonathan Bruce as Biker

Akeen A. Smith as School Kid

Michael Christopher Fischetti as School Kid

Jane Bradbury as Susan Welles

Peter Billingsley as Elf (uncredited)

Craig Castaldo as Radioman (uncredited)

Maurice LaMarche as Buddy's Belch (uncredited)

Rachel Lana Li as Child (uncredited)

Nance Nickels as Extra in crowd (uncredited)

Albert Precourt as Passerby (uncredited)

Douglas Chapman as Stuntperson

Mike Carpenter as Stuntperson

Ryan Ennis as Stuntperson

Mike Crestejo as Stuntperson

Charlie Attrill as Stuntperson

Jamie Payton as Stuntperson

Jim Broyden as Stuntperson

Mark Fielding as Stuntperson

Dave Alexander as Stuntperson

David Mylrea as Stuntperson

Matt Phillips as Stuntperson

Garvin Cross as Stuntperson

Darryl Scheelar as Stuntperson

Heath Stevenson as Stuntperson

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