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Ella Enchanted


Released 2004

Tommy O'Haver = Director

Jane Startz = Producer

Susan Miller Lazar = Co-Producer

Morgan O'Sullivan = Co-Producer

James Flynn = Co-Producer

Bob Weinstein = Executive Producer

Harvey Weinstein = Executive Producer

Julie Goldstein = Executive Producer

Su Armstrong = Executive Producer

Anne Hathaway as Ella

Hugh Dancy as Char

Cary Elwes as Edgar

Aidan McArdle as Slannen

Joanna Lumley as Dame Olga

Lucy Punch as Hattie

Jennifer Higham as Olive

Minnie Driver as Mandy

Eric Idle as Narrator

Steve Coogan as Heston (voice)

Jimi Mistry as Benny

Vivica A. Fox as Lucinda

Parminder Nagra as Areida

Jim Carter as Nish

Patrick Bergin as Sir Peter

Donna Dent as Ella's Mother

Ankita Malkan as Young Areida

Sally-Ann Tingle as Mean Little Girl

Aimee Brigg as Ella (Aged 8)

Helen Norton as Prof. Edith

Emmet Kirwen as Vendor

Christopher Kelly as Salesman

Audrey Hamm as Perfume Sprayer

Mikel Murfi as Mall Cop

Rory Keenan as Otto

Aonghus Og McAnally as Bluto

Aaron Monaghan as Pug

Heidi Klum as Brumhilda

Alvaro Lucchesi as Koopooduk

Paraic Breathnach as Ogre No. 2

Daniel Naprous as Ogre No. 3

Nora-Jane Noone as Fairy No. 1

Pat Kinevane as Make-Up Artist

Andrea Irvine as Tour Guide

Merrina Millsapp as Hall of Records Attendant

Amelia Crowley as Fairy Administrator

Pat McGrath as Dungeon Guard

Susan Ward as Fan Club Girl

Johnny Nguyen as Red Knight (uncredited)

Anna Nugent as Backing Singer (Giant) (uncredited)

Tommy O'Haver as Squirrel-on-a-Stick Vendor (uncredited)

Rachel Rath as Elf (uncredited)

Claire Michelle Scally as Background Artist (uncredited)

Gerry Wade as Wedding Giant (uncredited)

Ron Yuan as Red Guard (uncredited)

Alan Walsh as Stuntperson

Dominick Hewitt as Stuntperson

Giedrius 'G' Nagys as Stuntperson

Philippe Zone as Stuntperson

Richard Dwyer as Stuntperson

Martin Grace as Stunt Double 'Ogre 2'

Garry Robinson as Stunt Double 'Slannen'

Phil Lonergan as Stunt Double 'Nish'

Mike Lambert as Stuntperson

Vincent Wang as Stuntperson

Rowley Irlam as Char Knight

Robert Inch as Char Knight

Dominic Preece as Stunt Double 'Char'

Lucinda 'Bean' Peel as Stunt Double 'Ella'

Nikki (Nicola) Berwick as Stunt Double 'Ella'

Amanda Foster as Stunt Double 'Lucinda'

Tri Nguyen as Martial Arts Stuntperson

Ron W. Yuan as Martial Arts Stuntperson

Sophia Crawford as Martial Arts Stuntperson

Stephen-Lin-Oeding as Martial Arts Stuntperson

Jim White as Dancer

Leanne Wheelan as Dancer

Donna Mahr as Dancer

Nicola Kiely as Dancer

Pamela Tully as Dancer

Maria Roche as Dancer

Stuart O'Keefe as Dancer

Bernard O'Brien as Dancer

Zoe Barton as Dancer

Brendan Spratt as Dancer

Tarik Shebani as Dancer

Catriona Pattison as Dancer

Annette Pattison as Dancer

Bernadette O'Rourke as Dancer

Ian Colgan as Dancer

John Smith as Dancer

Ronan McCormick as Dancer

Aidenb Kelly as Dancer

Orla Keogh as Dancer

Ciaran O'Rachallaigh as Dancer

Rebecca O'Leary as Dancer

Tamzyn Speight as Dancer

Yvonne Flynn as Dancer

Andrew Maguire as Dancer

Eric Lacey as Dancer

Mark Cleary as Dancer

Paul Merriman as Dancer

Miriam Sherlock as Dancer

Lia Mullins as Dancer

Tristan McManus as Dancer

Shereen Lawlor as Dancer

Sophie Buckley as Dancer

Deborah Kiernan as Dancer

Leah Moran as Dancer

Thomas Spratt as Dancer

Des Allen as Dancer

Louise Fitzgerald as Dancer

Simon McCann as Danncer

David Meany as Dancer

Wesley Murray as Dancer

Kathy McGuiness as Dancer

Andrea Scott as Dancer

Jessica Bourke as Dancer

Leonie Kinsella as Dancer

Linda Guthree as Dancer

Alan Kelly as Dancer

Siobhan McDonnell Byrne as Dancer

Jennifer Fleenor as Dancer

Norma Breen as Dancer

Kate Hanlon as Dancer

Leonie McDonagh as Dancer

Aisling Byrne as Dancer

Daniel Frawley as Dancer

Nadia Arnold as Dancer

Neil O'Brian as Dancer

Aoibheann Cooke as Dancer

Alan O'Neill as Dancer

Gerard Ledwidge as Dancer

Anna Cullen as Dancer

John Fenix as Dancer

Darren Leaken as Dancer

Louise Hogan as Dancer

Tommy Tonge as Dancer

Matthew O'Hara as Dancer

Teresa Doyle as Dancer

Deasy Sheena as Dancer

Gleeson Karen as Dancer

Ryan Lottie as Dancer

Ivory Clare as Dancer

Casey Catherine as Dancer

John Moabi as Dancer

Nic Chon Ulaah Michelle as Dancer

McGrath Danielle as Dancer

Jonathan McDermott as Dancer

Darren Cornish as Dancer

Martin Robinson as Dancer

Charles Sebun as Dancer

Ya Fausto Danese as Dancer

Michael Voss Thomas as Dancer

Sergio Cavino as Dancer

Tim Noble as Dancer

Neil Truett as Dancer

Rod Buchanan as Dancer

Jason Davies as Dancer

Stuart O'Carroll as Dancer

Ian Bullock as Dancer

Jane Osborn as Aerial Performer

Dan Thomas as Aerial Performer

Clare Anderson as Aerial Performer

Genieve Monatesse as Aerial Performer

Lee-Anne Telford as Aerial Performer

Nicholas Daines as Aerial Performer

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