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End Game


Released 2006

Andy Cheng = Director

Richard Salvatore = Producer

David E. Ornston = Producer

Johnny Martin = Producer

Tierre Turner = Producer

Avi Lerner = Executive Producer

Danny Dimbort = Executive Producer

Trevor Short = Executive Producer

Boaz Davidson = Executive Producer

Brett Ratner = Executive Producer

Andreas Thiesmeyer = Executive Producer

Josef Lautenschlager = Executive Producer

Gerd Koechlin = Executive Producer

Manfred D. Heid = Executive Producer

Cuba Gooding Jr. as Alex Thomas

Angie Harmon as Kate Crawford

James Woods as Vaughn Stevens

Patrick Fabian as Brian Martin

Peter Greene as Jack Baldwin

Jack Scalia as The President

Anne Archer as The First Lady

David Selby as Shakey Fuller

Burt Reynolds as General Montgomery

Sarah Ann Schultz as Janice Frost

Todd Jensen as Agent Smith

Brian Presley as Billy Bergoon

Benito Martinez as Ramsey

Patrick Treadway as Lewis Detimore

Yuji Okumoto as Doctor Lee

J. P. O'Shaughnessy as Doctor Reid

Heather Dawn Fishman as Reporter

Cordell Lewis as Fire Chief

Jeffrey Humphrey as Newscaster

Kimberly Quinn as Thelma

Pam Long as Detimore's Mom

John Cenatiempo as Tony Morino

Eddie J. Fernandez as Cop #1

Troy J. Brown as Cop #2

John Casino as Policeman

Spencer Sano as Special Operations Agent

Johnny Martin as Driver

Carsten Norgaard as Arman

Christa Campbell as Mistress

Sydney Walsh as Teenage Girl

Dain Turner as Nick

John V. Barbieri as Secret Service Agent

Pepper Cross as Nurse (uncredited)

Cole Gamble as Agent Sacks (uncredited)

Jhon Goodwin as Metro Police Officer (uncredited)

Bethany D. Hart as Fan (uncredited)

Benjamin Maixner as Day Player (uncredited)

Travis Pell as Customer (uncredited)

James M. Tilley as Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Andrew Varenhorst as Secret Service Agent (uncredited)

Jared Wagner as Boy walking (uncredited)

Keith Butler as Stuntperson

John Siciloiano as Stuntperson

Justin Sundquist as Stuntperson

Yoshio Iizuka as Stuntperson

Michael Trisler as Stuntperson

Anita Hart as Stuntperson

Tony Cecere as Stuntperson

Mark Hicks as Stuntperson

Joseph Cofer as Stuntperson

John Koyama as Stuntperson

Ken Bates as Stuntperson

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