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Enter The Dragon


Released 1973

Robert Clouse = Director

Fred Weintraub = Producer

Paul M. Heller = Producer

Raymond Chow = Producer

Bruce Lee as Lee

John Saxon as Roper

Jim Kelly as Williams

Ahna Capri as Tania

Shih Kien as Han

Robert Wall as Oharra

Angela Mao Ying as Su Lin

Betty Chung as Mei Ling

Geoffrey Weeks as Braithwaite

Yang Sze (Bolo Yeung) as Bolo

Peter Archer as Parsons

Ho Lee Yan (Li Jen Ho) as Old Man

Marlene Clark as Secretary

Allan Kent as Golfer

William Keller as L.A. Cop

Mickey Caruso as L.A. Cop

Pat E. Johnson as Hood

Darnell Garcia as Hood

Mike Bissell as Hood

Mi Tien as Player (uncredited)

Siu Hung Cham as Tourney Referee (uncredited)

Billy Chan as Cave Guard (uncredited)

Jackie Chan as Thug in Prison (uncredited)

Lung Chan as Party Guest (uncredited)

Ling Wei Chen as Guard (uncredited)

Chok Chow Cheung as Monk (uncredited)

Roy Chiao as Shaolin Abbott (uncredited)

Alan Chui Chung San as Guard (uncredited)

Fat Chung as Han Traitor (uncredited)

Paul M. Heller as Radio Operator (uncredited)

Sammo Hung Kam-Bo as Shaolin Fighter (uncredited)

Phillip Ko as Guard (uncredited)

Yung-sheng Kuo as Guard (uncredited)

Jen Kwan as Party guest (uncredited)

King Chu Lee as Ohara's crew (uncredited)

Tony Liu as Tournament Fighter (uncredited)

Hoi Mang as Ship's Mate (uncredited)

Mars as Han Traitor (uncredited)

Yao-kun Pan as Ohara's Crew (uncredited)

Yung-sheng Pan as Ohara's Crew (uncredited)

Steve Sanders as BKF Karate Instructor (uncredited)

Chin-lai Sung as Han's Guard (uncredited)

Po Tai as Ohara's Crew (uncredited)

Wilson Tong as Ohara's Crew (uncredited)

Wei Tung as Lao, Lee's Student (uncredited)

Tian-lin Wang as Party Guest (uncredited)

Donnie Williams as BKF Asst Karate Instructor (uncredited)

Chieh Kuang Wu as Guard (uncredited)

Ming-tsai Wu as Han Traitor (uncredited)

Hua Yang as Guard (uncredited)

Tau Wan Yue as Guard (uncredited)

Biao Yuen as Tournament Fighter (uncredited)

Bun Yuen as Guard (uncredited)

Wah Yuen as Tournament Fighter (uncredited)

Ching-Ying Lam as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Charlie Picerni as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Kien Shih as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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