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Ernest Goes To Africa


Released 1997

John R. Cherry III = Director

Kenneth M. Badish = Producer

John R. Cherry III = Producer

Ken Halloway = Associate Producer

Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrel, Hey You, the Hindu,

Auntie Nelda & African Woman dancer

Linda Kash as Rene Loomis

Jamie Bartlett as Mr. Thompson

Claire Marshall as Betty, Rene's Serving Mate

Washington Sixolo as Sinkatutu Chief

Robert Whitehead as Prince Kazim

Zane Meas as Jameen

Charles Pillai as Kareem

Sello Sebotsane as Bazoo (Thompson's Thug)

Frank Opperman as Dobbs

Dan Robbertse as Thug #1

Frank Pereira as Thug #2

Tony Caprari as Weasel

Ian Yule as Ol' Man At Flea Market

David Germond as Mr. Abazz, the stealing Man at Flea Market

Anthony Fridjohn as Boss

Nicola Chapman as Uptight Lady

John R. Cherry III as Customer

Michael Stumm as Vendor

Allan Fyfe as Security Cop

John Whiteley as Doorman

Michael Jeffrey as Distinguised Man

Fats Bookholane as Older Zulu Man

Sello Dlamini as Younger Zulu Man

Robin Smith as Afrikaner

Hector Rabotapi as Lead Hunter

Philip Notununu as Thug #3

Greg Hind as Thug #4

Cecil Carter as Ernest Double

Kerry Gregg as Rene Double

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