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Ernest Saves Christmas


Released 1988

John R. Cherry III = Director

Stacy Williams = Producer

Doug Claybourne = Producer

Ed Turner = Associate Producer

Justis Greene = Co-Producer

Coke Sams = Co-Producer

Martin Erlichman = Executive Producer

Joseph L. Akerman Jr. = Executive Producer

Jim Varney as Ernest P. Worrel, Aster Clement,

Auntie Nelda & The Snake Guy

Douglas Seale as Santa Claus, 'Seth Applegate'

& 'Mr. Santos'

Oliver Clark as Joe Curruthers & New Santa

Noelle Parker as Harmony Star & 'Pamela Trenton'

Gailard Sartain as Chuck

Billie Bird as Mary Morrissey

Bill Byrge as Bobby

Robert Lesser as Marty Brock

Key Howard as Immigration Agent

Jack Swanson as Businessman

Buddy Douglas as Pyramus

Patty Maloney as Thisbe

Beecher Martin as Agent Skippy

Barry Brazell as Cab Passenger

George Kaplan as Mr. Dills

Bill Welter (Christie) as Walter

Joe Candelora as Arresting Officer

Danny Dillon as Booking Officer

Lindsey Alley as Patsy

Phran Gauci as Lacy

Bill Cordell as Carl

Larry Francer as Brad

Jackie Welch as Animal Officer #1

Daniel Butler as Animal Officer #2

Antonio Fabrizio as Mean-Looking Man

Tony Shepherd as Stunt Shopper

Bob Norris as Police Chief Spenks

Carmen J. Alexander as Police Officer

Miriam P. Saunders as Receptionist

Cyndi Vicino as Make-up Artist

Tom Nowicki as Crew Member

Michael O. Smith as Studio Guard

Jesse Stone as Elderly Man

Angelique Walker as Girl

Zachary Bowden as Boy

Donna Phillip Miller as Mom

Paul Darby as Ticket Agent

Cynthia Ergenbright as Museum Person

Bob Barnes as Controller #1

Mike Hutchinson as Monster

Douglas Brush as Commander

D. Christian Gottshall as Controller #2

Ray Russell as Stage Hand

Jon Freda as Tourist (uncredited)

Rosa Nevin as Business Person at Work Building (uncredited)

Chuck Waters as Ernest Stunt Double

Robert Jauregui as Stuntperson

Gene Hartline as Stuntperson

Thomas J. Bahr as Stuntperson

Bobby Foxworth as Stuntperson

Candi Orsini as Stuntperson

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