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Ernest Scared Stupid


Released 1991

John R. Cherry III = Director

Stacy Williams = Producer

Phil Walden = Associate Producer

Coke Sams = Co-Producer

Martin Erlichman = Executive Producer

Jim Varney as Ernest

Eartha Kitt as Old Lady Hackmore

Austin Nagler as Kenny

Shay Astar as Elizabeth

Jonas Moscartolo as Trantor

John Cadenhead as Tom Tulip

Bill Byrge as Bobby Tulip

Richard Woolf as Matt

Nick Victory as Mike

Alec Klapper as Joey

Steven Moriyon as Gregg

Daniel Butler as Cliff

Esther Huston as Amanda

Larry Black as Mayor Murdock

Denice Hicks as Elizabeth's Mother

Melanie Wheeler as Crying Woman

Jackie Welch as Teacher

Mark Delabarre as Jimmy

Michael Montgomery as Joey's Dad

Mary Jane Harvill as Mother

Lauren Frankenbach as Daughter

Roberta Madison as Parent

Barry Scott as Another Parent

Cathy Susan Pyles as Parent #1

Myke R. Mueller as Parent #2

Jessa Fahey as Little Girl

Mike Hutchinson as Steve Swindell

Adora Dupree as Francis' Mother

Joey Anderson as Ernest's Teacher

Dennis Harrison Jr. as Child #1

Danielle Harrison as Child #2

Barkley as Rimshot

Ernie (Ernst) Fosselius as Voice of Trantor the Troll

Nellie Batson as Troll

Angela Chao as Troll

Renee Clary as Troll

Deidre Clower as Troll

Rhonda Clower as Troll

Ann Dresen as Troll

Misty Eaker as Troll

Ralph Green Jr. as Troll

Tammy Harrison as Troll

Dana Kennedy as Troll

Pamela Kippes as Troll

Renee Leblanc as Troll

Glenn Seer as Troll

Tawanya Smith as Troll

Todd Suttles as Troll

Douglas Zagorski as Troll

Judy Austin as Parent

Sabrina Birdine as Parent

Jodie Evans as Parent

Phyllis Fuller as Parent

Melissa Gerach as Parent

Reginald Glimps as Parent

Jeanette Green as Parent

Marc Gullen as Parent

Will Hammond as Parent

Vicki Jacobs as Parent

John Phillips as Parent

Richard Sadler as Parent

Daniel Sarenana as Parent

Gwendolyn Smith as Parent

Vanessa Smith as Parent

Bobby Storm as Parent

Ann Young as Parent

Daniel Higgs as Kids Army

Gregg Higgs as Kids Army

Karson Kanitz as Kids Army

Marin Miller as Kids Army

Luke Robert as Kids Army

Badd Catt as Farmer (uncredited)

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