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Escape From New York


Released 1981

John Carpenter = Director

Larry J. Franco = Producer

Debra Hill = Producer

Barry Bernardi = Associate Producer

Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken

Lee Van Cleef as Hauk

Ernest Borgnine as Cabbie

Donald Pleasence as President

Isaac Hayes as The Duke

Season Hubley as Girl in Chock Full O'Nuts

Harry Dean Stanton as Brain

Adrienne Barbeau as Maggie

Tom Atkins as Rehme

Charles Cyphers as Secretary of State

Joe Unger as Taylor

Frank Doubleday as Romero

John Strobel as Cronenberg

John Cothran Jr. as Gypsy #1

Garrett Bergfeld as Gypsy #2

Richard Cosentino as Gypsy Guard

Robert John Metcalf as Gypsy #3

Joel Bennett as Gypsy #4

Vic Bullock as First Indian

Clem Fox as Second Indian

Tobar Mayo as Third Indian

Nancy Stephens as Stewardess

Steven M. Gagnon as Secret Service #1

Steven Ford as Secret Service #2

Michael Taylor as Secret Service #3

Lonnie Wun as Red Bandana Gypsy

Dale E. House as Helicopter Pilot #1

David R. Patrick as Helicopter Pilot #2

Bob Minor as Duty Sergeant & Stuntperson

Wally Taylor as Controller

James O'Hagen as Computer Operator

James Emery as Trooper

Tom Lillard as Police Sergeant

Borah Silver as Theater Manager

Tony Papenfuss as Theater Assistant

John Diehl as Punk

Carmen Filpi as Bum

George 'Buck' Flower as Drunk

Clay Wright as Helicopter Pilot #3

Al Cerullo as Helicopter Pilot #4

Ox Baker as Slag

Lowmoan Spectacular as Dancer

Ronald E. House as Dancer

Alan Shearman as Dancer

Joseph A. Perrotti as Dancer

Rodger Bumpass as Dancer

Ron Vernan as Dancer

Debra Hill as Voice of Computer (uncredited)

Carla Barnett as Gypsy (uncredited)

John Carpenter as Helicopter Pilot

& Voice of Violin Player (uncredited)

Nick Castle as Pianist (uncredited)

John Contini as Eye-Patch Prisoner (uncredited)

Jamie Lee Curtis as Voices of Narrator & Computer (uncredited)

David E. Harshbarger as Soldier & Bum in Theater (uncredited)

Mark Stern as Guy in Chock Full O'Nuts (uncredited)

Ken Tipton as player (uncredited)

Barron Winchester as Sewer Dweller (uncredited)

Dick Warlock as Stuntperson

Jack Verbois as Stuntperson

Fred Lerner as Stuntperson

Bill Hart as Stuntperson

William (Bill) T. Lane as Stuntperson

Jesse Wayne as Stuntperson

Harvey Parry as Stuntperson

Loren Janes as Stuntperson

Buff Brady as Stuntperson

George Sawaya as Stuntperson

Mags Kavanaugh as Stuntperson

Gloria Fioramonti as Stuntperson

Jack Tyree as Stuntperson

Sandra (Sandy) Lee Gimpel as Stuntperson

Kent Hays as Stuntperson

Mike H. McGaughy as Stuntperson

George P. Wilbur as Stuntperson

James (Jim) Winburn as Stuntperson

Mike Johnson as Stuntperson

Ted White as Stuntperson

Eddie Hice as Stuntperson

John A. Moio as Stuntperson

Roydon Clark as Stuntperson

Tony Brubaker as Stuntperson

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