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Ever After

A Cinderella Story


Released 1998

Andy Tennant = Director

Mireille Soria = Producer

Tracey Trench = Producer

Melissa Cobb = Associate Producer

Kevin Reidy = Co-Producer

Timothy M. Bourne = Co-Producer

Drew Barrymore as Danielle De Barbarac

Anjelica Huston as Baroness Rodmilla De Ghent

Dougray Scott as Prince Henry

Patrick Godfrey as Leonardo da Vinci

Megan Dodds as Marguerite De Ghent

Melanie Lynskey as Jacqueline De Ghent

Timothy West as King Francis

Judy Parfitt as Queen Marie

Jeroen Krabbé as Auguste De Barbarac

Lee Ingleby as Gustave

Kate Lansbury as Paulette

Matyelok Gibbs as Louise

Walter Sparrow as Maurice

Jeanne Moreau as Grande Dame

Anna Maguire as Young Danielle

Richard O'Brien as Pierre Le Pieu

Peter Gunn as Capt. Laurent

Joerg Stadler as Wilhelm Grimm

Andrew Henderson as Jacob Grimm

Toby Jones as Royal Page

Virginia García as Princess Gabriella

Al Hunter Ashton as Cargomaster

Mark Lewis as Gypsy Leader

Howard Attfield as Jeweller

J. Ricki Cuttell as Young Gustave

Ricardo Cruz as Cracked Skull

John Walters as Butler

Elizabeth Earl as Young Marguerite

Alex Pooley as Young Jacqueline

Janet Henfrey as Celeste

Ursula Jones as Isabella

Amanda Walker as Old Noblewoman

Rupam Maxwell as Marquis de Limoges

Tony Doyle as Driver Royal Carriage

Christian Marc as King of Spain

Elvira Stevenson as Queen of Spain

Erick Awanzino as Short Bald Man

Susan Field as Laundry Supervisor

François Velter as Choirman 1

Dominic Rols as Choirman 2

Jean-Pierre Mazieres as Cardinal

Terry Walsh as Stuntperson

William Willoughby as Stuntperson

Paul Jennings as Stuntperson

Abbi Collins as Stuntperson

Dean Forster as Stuntperson

Julian Spencer as Stuntperson

Sarah Franzl as Stuntperson

Sy Hollands as Stuntperson

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