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Exit The Dragon Enter The Tiger

Tian Whang Jou Whang


Released 1976

Tso Nam Lee = Director

R. P. Shah = Producer

Jimmy Shaw = Producer

Bruce Li (Siu Lung) as David Lee/Tiger

Lung Fei as Himself

Ma Chi Chiang as Player

San Moo as Sam

An Ping as Player

Kou Shao Po as Player

Bau Kwok Leung as Player

Chin Lu as Player

Lu Chi as Player

Chang Sing Yee as Player

Tsao Shao Jung as Player

Yi Chang as The Baron (uncredited)

Kang Chin/Kam Kong as Wa (uncredited)

Hsiao Po Ko/Cheng Fu Hung as Policeman (uncredited)

Cheng Fu Hung as Player (uncredited)

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