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Released 1985

Joe Dante = Director

Edward S. Feldman = Producer

David Bombyk = Producer

Tom Jacobson = Associate Producer

Michael Finnell = Executive Producer

Ethan Hawke as Ben Crandall

River Phoenix as Wolfgang Müller

Bobby Fite as Steve Jackson

Bradley Gregg as Steve Jackson's Gang

Georg Olden as Steve Jackson's Gang

Chance Schwass as Steve Jackson's Gang

Amanda Peterson as Lori Swenson

Danny Nucci as Nasty Kid at School

Jason Presson as Darren Woods

Dana Ivey as Mrs. Müller

Taliesin Jaffe as Ludwig Müller

James Cromwell as Mr. Müller

Brooke Bundy as Science Teacher

Tricia Bartholome as Girl in Classroom

Eric Luke as Darren's Teacher

Robert Picardo as Starkiller, Wak, Wak and Neek's Father

Karen Mayo-Chandler as Starkiller's Girlfriend

Robert F. Boyle as Starkiller's Girlfriend's Father

John P. Navin Jr. as Couple at Drive-In

Mary Hillstead as Couple at Drive-In

Simone Blue as Snack Bar Girl

Meshach Taylor as Gordon Miller

Dick Miller as Charlie Drake

Leslie Rickert as Neek

Frank Welker as Special Effect Vocal

Fred Newman as Special Effect Vocal

Joanie Gerber as Special Effect Vocal

Belinda Balaski as Special Effect Vocal

Roger Behr as Special Effect Vocal

Roger Peltz as Special Effect Vocal

Neil Ross as Special Effect Vocal

Marilyn Schreffler as Special Effect Vocal

Bill Ratner as Special Effect Vocal

Jane Kean as Special Effect Vocal

Robert Holt as Special Effect Vocal

Jay Stewart as Special Effect Vocal

Mary Kay Place as Mrs. Crandall (uncredited)

Art Scholl as Stunt Pilot

Bradley Alan as Stuntperson

Janet S. Brady as Stuntperson

Jerry Brutsche as Stuntperson

Doc D. Charbonneau as Stuntperson

William Couch Jr. as Stuntperson

Bob Herron as Stuntperson

Lane Leavitt as Stuntperson

Patricia Madigan as Stuntperson

Bennie Moore as Stuntperson

Gary Morgan as Stuntperson

Alex Plasschaert as Stuntperson

Kym Washington as Stuntperson

Mike Washlake as Stuntperson

Jesse Wayne as Stuntperson

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