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Eye of the Dolphin


Released 2006

Michael D. Sellers = Director

Susan Johnson = Producer

Michael D. Sellers = Producer

Daniel Morabito = Associate Producer

Matthew Wellman = Associate Producer

Joseph Michael Roth = Associate Producer

Jady Herrmann = Associate Producer

Brian Ellis = Associate Producer

De'litha Jones-Floyd = Associate Producer

Paula Vickery = Associate Producer

John Remark = Co-Executive Producer

James Via = Co-Executive Producer

Robert Fredriks = Co-Executive Producer

Anthony Millan = Co-Executive Producer

Jacob Mosler = Co-Producer

Pamela Vlastas = Executive Producer

Donald A. Barton = Executive Producer

Robert Keskemety = Executive Producer

Richard Goulding = Executive Producer

Stuart Miller = Executive Producer

Tre Lovell = Executive Producer

Stephen Hays = Executive Producer

Peter Graham = Executive Producer

Doug Jewell = Executive Producer

Amy Sommer = Executive Producer

Peer J. Oppenheimer = Executive Producer

Carly Schroeder as Alyssa

Adrian Dunbar as Dr. James Hawk

George Harris as Daniel

Christine Adams as Tamika

Katharine Ross as Lucy

Rudy Levarity as Coakley

Jane Lynch as Glinton

Joey Jam as Decker

Vivica Watkins as Cornelia

Greg Lee as Principal Lee

Alexa Motley as Dolphin Tourist

Robert Keskemety as Tourist at Bar

Marshal Thompson as Tourist at Bar

Jahmaal McIntyre as Village Boy

Christopher Herrod as Shelby

Kelly Vitz as Michelle

Andrea Bowen as Candace

Bimini as Bogie

Stripe as Bacall

Abaco as Rasca

Wendy Braun as Suzanne Harrison (uncredited)

Escher Holloway as Trevor (uncredited)

John Kelly as Pool Owner (uncredited)

Hunter Schroeder as Running Boy (uncredited)

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