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Far From Home

The Adventures of Yellow Dog


Released 1995

Phillip Borsos = Director

Peter O'Brian = Producer

Mimi Rogers as Katherine McCormick

Bruce Davison as John McCormick

Jesse Bradford as Angus McCormick

Tom Bower as John Gale

Joel Palmer as Silas McCormick

Dakotah as Yellow the dog

Josh Wannamaker as David Finlay

Margot Finley as Sara

Matthew Bennett as Ron Willick

St. Clair McColl as St. Clair McColl

Capt. Jennifer Weissenborn as Labrador Helicopter Pilot

MCPL Gordon Neave as Flight Engineer

Karen Kruper as Nurse

Dean Lockwood as Sartech

Cpl. John LeClair as Sartech

Brent Stait as Sartech

Lauro Chartrand as Stuntperson

Guy Bews as Stuntperson

David Mylrea as Stuntperson

Joren Titus as Stuntperson

Dustin Brooks as Stuntperson

Morgan Titus as Stuntperson

Fiona Roeske as Stuntperson

Augie as Stunt Double for Dakotah

Foster as Stunt Double for Dakotah

Schroeder as Stunt Double for Dakotah

Linus as Stunt Double for Dakotah

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