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Fatal Beauty


Released 1987

Tom Holland = Director

Leonard C. Kroll = Producer

Art Schaeffer = Associate Producer

Whoopi Goldberg as Rita Rizzoli

Sam Elliott as Mike Marshak

Rubén Blades as Carl Jimenez

Harris Yulin as Conrad Kroll

John P. Ryan as Lt. Kellerman

Jennifer Warren as Cecile Jaeger

Brad Dourif as Leo Nova

Mike Jolly as Earl Skinner

Charles Hallahan as Deputy Getz

David Harris as Raphael

James LeGros as Zack Jaeger

Neill Barry as Denny Miflin

Mark Pellegrino as Frankenstein

Clayton Landey as Jimmy Silver

Fred Asparagus as Delgadillo

Cathianne Blore as Charlene

Michael Champion as Buzz

Steve Akahoshi as Shigeta

Richard Milholland as Charlie

David Dunard as Cowboy Hat

Cheech Marin as Bartender

James Smith as Ritchie

Larry Hankin as Jerry Murphy

Michael DeLorenzo as Flaco

Rick Telles as Epifanio

Gary (Carlos) Cervantes as Basqual

Emilia Ayarza as Candy

Ebbe Roe Smith as Marty

Walter Robles as Clay

M. C. Gainey as Barndollar

Bernie Hern as Mike Weinstein

Prince Hughes as Big Bubba

Jim Bentley as Paramedic

Lucia Lexington as Stripper

Jane Chung as Chinese Lady

Ellarye as Chinese Daughter

Phil Chong as Chinese Father

Joycelyne Lew as Chinese Mother

Jonathan Wong as Chinese Son

Tom Spiroff as Cop in Kitchen

William Martin Brennan as 1st Assistant Chef

Dower Phillips as Teenager

Josh Pickard as Teenager

Read Morgan as Fletch

Cliff Murdock as Len

Belinda Mayne as Traci

Celeste Yarnall as Laura

Sandra Bogan as Teri

Parker Whitman as Coroner's Attendant

Darrel Guilbeau as Dead Kid (uncredited)

Paulo Tocha as Man with gun (uncredited)

Lou Volpe as Lead Cop in Uniform (uncredited)

Kym Washington as Stuntperson

Anthony Brubaker as Stuntperson

R. L. Tolbert as Stuntperson

Cole S. McKay as Stuntperson

Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon as Stuntperson

Jeff Ramsey as Stuntperson

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