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Father of the Bride


Released 1991

Charles Shyer = Director

Nancy Meyers = Producer

Carol Baum = Producer

Howard Rosenman = Producer

Bruce A. Block = Associate Producer

Cindy Williams = Co-Producer

Sandy Gallin = Executive Producer

James Orr = Executive Producer

Jim Cruickshank = Executive Producer

Steve Martin as George Banks

Diane Keaton as Nina Banks

Kimberly Williams-Paisley as Annie Banks

Kieran Culkin as Matty Banks

George Newbern as Bryan MacKenzie

Martin Short as Franck Eggelhoffer

B. D. Wong as Howard Weinstein

Peter Michael Goetz as John MacKenzie

Kate McGregor-Stewart as Joanna MacKenzie

Carmen Hayward as Grace

April Ortiz as Olivia

Mina Vasquez as Marta

Gibby Brand as David

Richard Portnow as Al the Tux Salesman

Barbara Perry as Female Factory Worker

Martha Gehman as Andrea the Florist

Frank Kopyc as Dan the Field Engineer

David Pasquesi as Hanck the Caterer

Ira Heiden as Stock Boy

Thomas Wagner as Police Officer

Marissa Lefton as Annie at Three

Sarah Rose Karr as Annie at Seven

Amy Young as Annie at Twelve

Hallie Meyers-Shyer as Flower Girl

Annie Meyers-Shyer as Flower Girl

Morgan Dox as Bridesmaid

Elisa Mandell as Bridesmaid

Christine Beliveau as Bridesmaid

Natasha Wieland as Bridesmaid

Eric Kay as Usher

Scott Hogan as Usher

Peter James Cooper as Usher

David Day as Usher

Ed Williams as Reverend

Patricia Meyers as Guest at Reception

Irving Meyers as Guest at Reception

Mark Steen as Waiter #1

Robert Bauer as Waiter #2

Kevin Shaw as Waiter #3

Bruce A. Block as Photographer

Peter Murnik as Patrolman

Chauncey Leopardi as Cameron

Steve Tyrell as Bandleader

Tom Irish as Ben Banks

Eugene Levy as Singer at Audition

Nicole Abramson as Neighbor Girl (uncredited)

Britt Leach as Asst Manager of Supermarket (uncredited)

Pamela Matheson as Swedish Cousin (uncredited)

Marc Ian Sklar as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Robert F. Jauregui as Steve Martin's Stunt Double

Debbie Evans as Stuntperson

Charles Croughwell as Stuntperson

Rock A. Walker as Stuntperson

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