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Father and Scout


Released 1994

Richard Michaels = Director

Cindy Hornickel = Producer

Bob Saget = Executive Producer

Sasha Emerson = Executive Producer

Laura Gerson = Executive Producer

Peter Morgan = Executive Producer

Melissa Goddard = Executive Producer

Denver Pyle as George Rosebrock

Bob Saget as Spencer Paley

Brian Bonsall as Michael Paley

Heidi Swedberg as Donna Paley

Stuart Pankin as Aaron

David Graf as Chet

Troy Evans as Scoutmaster

Brian Levinson as Brent

Chachi Pittman as Chip

Kimberly Scott as Francine

Ryan Holihan as Nolan

Lucy Butler as Married Woman

Robert Egan as Father/Coach

Hassan Nicholas as Camper

Steven Kavner as Spencer's Dad

John Petlock as Doctor

William Mesnik as Father #2

Jonathan Emerson as Father #3

Jason Ross-Azikiwe as Father #4

Zane Cassidy as Stuntperson

Brian Moore as Stuntperson

Rusty Hanson as Stuntperson

Bobby Porter as Stuntperson

Terrance James as Stuntperson

John Clay Scott as Stuntperson

Ray Lykins as Stuntperson

Jack Verbois as Stuntperson

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