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For A Few Dollars More


Released 1965

Carlo Leva-Raphael = Director

Ferri Jorda = Director

Sergio Leone = Director

Alberto Grimaldi = Producer

Clint Eastwood as Monco

Lee Van Cleef as Col. Douglas Mortimer

Gian Maria Volonté as El Indio (The Indian)

Mara Krupp as Mary, the Innkeeper

Luigi Pistilli as Groggy, Member of Indio's Gang

Klaus Kinski as Wild (the Hunchback)

Joseph Egger as Old Prophet

Panos Papadopulos as Sancho Perez, Member of Indio's Gang

Benito Stefanelli as Luke

Roberto Camardiel as Tucumcari Station Clerk

Aldo Sambrell as Cuccillo

Luis Rodríguez as Manuel, Member of Indio's Gang

Tomás Blanco as Tucumcari Sheriff

Lorenzo Robledo as Tomaso, Indio's Traitor

Sergio Mendizábal as Tucumcari Bank Manager

Dante Maggio as Carpenter in Cell with El Indio

Diana Rabito as Calloway's Beautiful Girl in Tub

Giovanni Tarallo as Santa Cruz Telegraphist

Mario Meniconi as Train Conductor

Mario Brega as Nino, Member of Indio's Gang

Werner Abrolat as Slim, Member of Indio's Gang (uncredited)

Román Ariznavarreta as Half-shaved Bounty Hunter (uncredited)

Frank Brańa as Blackie, Member of Indio's Gang (uncredited)

José Canalejas as Chico, Member of Indio's Gang (uncredited)

Rosemary Dexter as Mortimer's Sister (uncredited)

Diana Faenza as Tomasso's wife (uncredited)

Eduardo García as Member of Indio's Gang (uncredited)

Jesús Guzmán as Carpetbagger on Train (uncredited)

Peter Lee Lawrence as Mortimer's Brother-in-law (uncredited)

Francesca Leone as Tomasso's baby (uncredited)

Sergio Leone as Voice of whistling Bounty Hunter (uncredited)

Rafael López Somoza as El Paso Tavernkeeper (uncredited)

José Marco as 'Baby' Red Cavanaugh (uncredited)

Guillermo Méndez as White Rocks Sheriff (uncredited)

Antonio Molino Rojo as Frisco, Member of Indio's Gang (uncredited)

José Félix Montoya as Player (uncredited)

Nazzareno Natale as Paco Member of Indio's Gang (uncredited)

Enrique Navarro as Sherrif of Tucumcari (uncredited)

Ricardo Palacios as Tucumcari Saloon Keeper (uncredited)

Aldo Ricci as Player (uncredited)

Antonio Ruiz as Fernando (uncredited)

Enrique Santiago as Miguel, Member of Indio's Gang (uncredited)

Carlo Simi as El Paso Bank Manager (uncredited)

José Terrón as Guy Calloway, Mortimer's 1st Criminal (uncredited)

Kurt Zips as Hotel Manager (uncredited)

Luis Beltran as Stuntperson (uncredited)

Nosher Powell as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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