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Released 1982

Clint Eastwood = Director

Clint Eastwood = Producer

Paul Hitchcock = Associate Producer

Fritz Manes = Executive Producer

Clint Eastwood as Mitchell Gant

Freddie Jones as Kenneth Aubrey

David Huffman as Captain Buckholz

Warren Clarke as Pavel Upenskoy

Ronald Lacey as Semelovsky

Kenneth Colley as Colonel Kontarsky

Klaus L÷witsch as General Vladimirov

Nigel Hawthorne as Pyotr Baranovich

Stefan Schnabel as First Secretary

Thomas Hill as General Brown

Clive Merrison as Major Lanyev

Kai Wulff as Lt. Colonel Voskov

Dimitra Arliss as Natalia

Austin Willis as Walters

Michael Currie as Captain Seerbacker

James Staley as Lt. Commander Fleischer

Ward Costello as General Rogers

Alan Tilvern as Air Marshal Kutuzov

Oliver Cotton as Dmitri Priabin

Bernard Behrens as William Saltonstall

Richard Derr as Admiral Curtin

Woody Eney as Major Dietz

Bernard Erhard as KGB Guard

Hugh Fraser as Police Inspector Tortyev

David Gant as KGB Official

John Grillo as Customs Officer

Czeslaw Grocholski as Old Man

Barrie Hougton as Boris Glazunov

Neil Hunt as Richard Cunningham

Vincent J. Isaac as Sub Radio Operator

Alexei Jawdokimov as Code Operator

Wolf Kahler as KGB Chairman Andropov

Eugene Lipinski as KGB Agent

Phillip Littell as Code Operator

Curt Lowens as Dr. Schuller

Lev Mailer as Guard at Shower

Fritz Manes as Captain

David Meyers as Grosch

Alfredo Michelson as Interrogator

Zenno Nahayevsky as Officer at Plane

George Orrison as Leon Sprague

Tony Papenfuss as GRU Officer

Olivier Pierre as Borkh

Grisha Plotkin as GRU Officer

George Pravda as General Borov

John Ratzenberger as Chief Peck

Alex Rodine as Captain of the Riga

Lance Rosen as Agent

Eugene Scherer as Russian Captain

Warwick Sims as Shelley

Mike Spero as Russian Guard

Malcolm Storry as KGB Agent

Chris Winfield as RAF Operator

John Yates as Admiral Pearson

Alexander Zale as Riga Fire Control Chief

Igor Zatsepin as Flight Engineer

Konstantin Zlatev as Riga Technician

Rudolf Waldemar Brem as KGB-Agent (uncredited)

Larry Guardino as KGB Guard (uncredited)

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