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Firehouse Dog


Released 2007

Todd Holland = Director

Michael Colleary = Producer

Mike Werb = Producer

Michael J. Maschio = Co-Producer

Mitch Glick = Associate Producer

Josh Hutcherson as Shane Fahey

Bruce Greenwood as Connor Fahey

Bill Nunn as Joe Musto

Scotch Ellis Loring as Lionel Bradford

Mayte Garcia as Pep Clemente

Teddy Sears as Terence Kahn

Arwen as Rexxx/Dewey the Dog

Frodo as Rexxx/Dewey the Dog

Rohan as Rexxx/Dewey the Dog

Stryder as Rexxx/Dewey the Dog

Steven Culp as Zachary Hayden

Dash Mihok as Trey Falcon

Bree Turner as Liz Knowles

Hannah Lochner as Jasmine 'J. J.' Presley

Claudette Mink as Captain Jessie Presley

Shane Daly as Burr Baldwin

Matt Cooke as Corbin Sellars

Katie Finneran as Felicity Hammer

Brandon Craggs as Oscar

Joseph Zita as Josh

Kathryn Haggis as Mrs. Renzi

Randy Triggs as Captain Marc Fahey

Carl Barlow as Animal Control Officer

Dan Duran as Dapper Host

Zoe Doyle Mugford as Perky Co-Host

Eric Weinthal as City Official

Dorly Jean-Louis as Lionel's Wife Tia

Diavion Henningham as Lionelís Son #1

D'jano Henningham as Lionel's Son #2

Jeffrey R. Smith as Parachute Prop Guy

Steven Cartwright as Neu Hotel Doorman

Aaron Abrams as Policeman at Bridge

James Arnold as TV Field Reporter

Dan Willmott as Electrician

B. J. McQueen as Tomato Truck Driver

Paul Stephen as Mayor

Ramona Pringle as Picnic Trophy Presenter

Magdalena Alexander as Mayor's Executive Assistant

Joseph Adam as Ceremony Reporter #1

Joanna Bennett as Ceremony Reporter #2

Sevag Sagherain as Trey's Limo Driver

Dave Grimshaw as Crowd Member & Firefighter

Sean Lally as Crowd Member

Isaac Oton as Crowd Member

Michael Wood as Crowd Member

Bob Koherr as Voice of Marc Fahey

Craig Bowman as Firefighter

Steve McQueen as Firefighter

Sheldon Desea as Firefighter

Randy Murell as Firefighter

Guy Wilson as Firefighter

Brian McAlinden as Firefighter

Bill Wright as Firefighter

Rob McDonald as Firefighter

Lauren Patten as player (uncredited)

Micah Sauers as Additional Voices (uncredited)

Dan Belley as Stunt Shane

Scotty Cook as Stunt Shane

Wayne Downer as Stunt Connor

Robert Thomas as Stunt Joe

Chad Cammelerri as Stunt Terence

Billy Oliver as Stunt Zachary Hayden/Connor

Darren Marsman as Stunt Lionel

Luse Keeling as Stunt Pep

Alicia Turner as Stunt Pep

Mike Armstrong as Stuntperson

Ron Bell as Stuntperson

Brad Bunn as Stuntperson

Shane Cardwell as Stuntperson

Curtis Hibbert as Stuntperson

Blair Johannes as Stuntperson

Layton Morrison as Stuntperson

Nick Nolan as Stuntperson

Sue Parker as Stuntperson

Ed Queffelec as Stuntperson

Robert Racki as Stuntperson

John Stoneham Jr. as Stuntperson

Brian Thomas as Stuntperson

Len Wagner as Stuntperson

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