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A Fistful of Dollars


Released 1964

Sergio Leone = Director

Harry Colombo = Producer

George Papi = Producer

Clint Eastwood as Joe

Marianne Koch as Marisol

Johnny Wels as Ramón Rojo

Wolfgang Lukschy as John Baxter

Sieghardt Rupp as Esteban Rojo

Joseph Edger as Piripero

Antonio Prieto as Don Miguel Benito Rojo

José Calvo as Silvanito

Margherita Lozano as Consuelo Baxter

Daniel Martín as Julián

Benny Reeves as Rubio

Richard Stuyvesant as Chico

Carol Brown as Antonio Baxter

Aldo Sambreli as Rojo Gang Member

Raf Baldassarre as Juan De Dios (uncredited)

Luis Barboo as Baxter Gunman 2 (uncredited)

Frank Braña as Baxter Gang Member (uncredited)

José Canalejas as Rojo Gang Member (uncredited)

Juan Cortés as Extra Player (uncredited)

Nino Del Arco as Jesus (uncredited)

Jose Halufi as Rojo Gang Member (uncredited)

Frank Kalvow as Extra Player (uncredited)

Joe Kamel as Baxter Gang Member (uncredited)

Lee Miller as Man at Bar (uncredited)

Antonio Molino Rojo as Baxter Gang Member (uncredited)

Antonio Moreno as Extra Player (uncredited)

Nazzareno Natale as Rojo Gang Member (uncredited)

José Orjas as Extra Player (uncredited)

Manuel Peña as Extra Player (uncredited)

Julio Pérez Tabernero as Baxter Gunman 4 (uncredited)

Nosher Powell as Cowboy (uncredited)

José Riesgo as Mexican Cavalry Captain (uncredited)

Lorenzo Robledo as Baxter Gunman #1 (uncredited)

Fernando Sánchez Polack as Rojo Gang Member

crushed by wine cask (uncredited)

Umberto Spadaro as Miguel, a Rojo Gunman (uncredited)

William R. Thompkins as Baxter Gang Member (uncredited)

Nosher Powell as Stuntperson (uncredited)

William R. Thompkins as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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