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Flash Gordon


Released 1980

Mike Hodges = Director

Dino De Laurentiis = Producer

Bernard Williams = Executive Producer

Sam J. Jones as Flash Gordon

Melody Anderson as Dale Arden

Max von Sydow as The Emperor Ming

Topol as Dr. Hans Zarkov

Ornella Muti as Princess Aura

Timothy Dalton as Prince Barin

Brian Blessed as Prince Vultan

Peter Wyngarde as Klytus

Mariangela Melato as Kala

John Osborne as Arborian Priest

Richard O'Brien as Fico

John Hallam as Luro

Philip Stone as Zogi, the High Priest

Suzanne Danielle as Serving Girl

William Hootkins as Munson

Bobbie Brown as Hedonia

Ted Carroll as Biro

Adrienne Kronenberg as Vultan's Daughter

Stanley Lebor as Mongon Doctor

John Morton as Airline Pilot

Burnell Tucker as Airline Co-Pilot

Robbie Coltrane as Man at Airfield

Peter Duncan as Young Treeman

Ken Sicklen as A Treeman

Tessa Hewitt as Hawk Woman

Venetia Spicer as Hawk Woman

Francis Mughan as Wounded Hawkman

Oliver MacGreevy as Klytus Observer No. 1

John Hollis as Klytus Observer No. 2

Paul Bentall as Klytus' Pilot

Leon Greene as Colonel of Battle Control Room

Graeme Crowther as Battle Room Controller

Tony Scannell as Ming's Officer

David Neal as Captain of Ming's Air Force

Bogdan Kominowski as Lieutenant of Ming's Air Force

George Harris as Prince Thun of Ardentia

Colin Taylor as King of Frigia

Doretta Dunkley as Queen of Frigia

Sally Nicholson as Queen of Azuria

Deep Roy as Princess Aura's Pet

Michelle Mildwater as Special Movement

Marie Green as Special Movement

Imogen Claire as Special Movement

Kay Zimmerman as Special Movement

Frederick Warder as Special Movement

Stephen Brigden as Special Movement

Lionel Guyett as Special Movement

Ken Robertson as Special Movement

Andrew Bradford as Hawkman

Bertram Adams as Hawkman

Terry Forrestal as Hawkman

Mike Potter as Hawkman

John Sullivan as Hawkman

Eddie Stacey as Hawkman

John Lees as Hawkman

Roy Scammell as Hawkman

Kathy Marquis as Sandmoon Girl

Sophie as Sandmoon Girl

Kathy September as Sandmoon Girl

Glenna Forster-Jones as Sandmoon Girl

Roseanne Romine as Cytherian Girl

Sneh as Cytherian Girl

Magda as Cytherian Girl

Shaka as Cytherian Girl

Lindy as Cytherian Girl

Viva as Cytherian Girl

Beverly Andrews as Cytherian Girl

Frances Ward as Cytherian Girl

Kerry-Lou Baylis as Cytherian Girl

Camella as Cytherian Girl

Miranda Riley as Frigian Girl

Lorraine Paul as Aquarian Girl

Carolyn Evans as Aquarian Girl

Celeste as Aquarian Girl

Tina Thomas as Aquarian Girl

Ruthie Barnett as Aquarian Girl

Joe Iles as Ardentian Man

Trevor Ward as Ardentian Man

Alva Shelley as Ardentian Man

Nik Abraham as Ardentian Man

Leonard Hay as Ardentian Man

Glen Whitter as Ardentian Man

Jamalia as Serving Girl in Ming's Chamber

Jill Lamb as Serving Girl in Ming's Chamber

Sunanka as Serving Girl in Ming's Chamber

Karen Johnson as Serving Girl in Ming's Chamber

Gina as Exotic Girl in Ming's Bedchamber

Raquel as Exotic Girl in Ming's Bedchamber

Fai as Exotic Girl in Ming's Bedchamber

Malcolm Dixon as Dwarf

Tiny Ross as Dwarf

Mike Edmonds as Dwarf

John Ghavan as Dwarf

Rusty Goffe as Dwarf

Richard Jones as Dwarf

Mike Cottrell as Dwarf

Peter Burrows as Dwarf

John Lummis as Dwarf

Kenny Baker as Dwarf

Bob Goody as Azurian Man

Daniel Venn as Azurian Man

Peter St. James as Azurian Man

Steven Payne as Azurian Man

Max Alford as Azurian Man

Stephen Calcutt as Azurian Man

Anthony Olivier as Azurian Man

Jim Carter as Azurian Man

Stuart Blake as Azurian Man

Nigel Jeffcoat as Azurian Man

Chris Webb as Ming's Brute

Leslie Crawford as Ming's Brute

Peter Brace as Ming's Brute

Terry Richards as Ming's Brute

John Gallant as Ming's Brute

Eddie Powell as Ming's Brute

Sean Barry-Weske as Rabbi in Montage (uncredited)

Richard Bonehill as Extra (uncredited)

Kevin Hudson as Hawk Man (uncredited)

Derek Lyons as Arborian Priest Assistant (uncredited)

Ralph Morse as Arborian (uncredited)

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