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Flight of the Navigator


Released 1986

Randal Kleiser = Director

Robert 'Robby' Wald = Producer

Dimitri Villard = Producer

Malcolm R. Harding = Co-Executive Producer

David Joseph = Co-Producer

Jonathan Sanger = Executive Producer

Mark Damon = Executive Producer

John W. Hyde = Executive Producer

Joey Cramer as David Freeman

Paul (Reubens) Mall as Voice of Max

Veronica Cartwright as Helen Freeman

Cliff De Young as Bill Freeman

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carolyn McAdams

Matt Adler as Jeff (16 years)

Howard Hesseman as Dr. Faraday

Robert Small as Troy

Albie Whitaker as Jeff (8 years)

Jonathan Sanger as Dr. Carr

Iris Acker as Mrs. Howard

Richard Liberty as Mr. Howard

Raymond Forchion as Detective Banks

Cynthia Caquelin as Woman Officer

Ted Bartsch as Night Guard Brayton

Gizelle Elliot as Technician #1

Brigid Cleary as Technician #2

Michael Strano as Technician #3

Parris Buckner as Scientist #1

Robyn Peterson as Scientist #2

Tony Tracy as Observation Guard

Philip Hoelcher as NASA Officer

Julio Oscar Mechoso as Hangar Guard #1

Butch Raymond as Hangar Guard #2

Bob Strickland as Control Room Guard #1

Michael Brockman as Control Room Guard #2

Louis Cutolo as Radar Technician #1

Debbie Casperson as Radar Technician #2

Chase Randolph as Lieutenant King

John Archie as Agent #1

Tony Calvino as Agent #2

Rusty Pouch as Gas Station Attendant

Robert Goodman as Tourist Man

Ryan Murray as Tourist Boy

Keri Rogers as Jennifer Bradley

Peter Lundquist as Newscaster #1

Jill Beach as Newscaster #2

Kenneth Ian Davis as Kid in Mustang

Bruce Laks as Bixby

Arnie Ross as NASA Technician #1

Fritz Brauner as NASA Technician #2

Tony Urbano as Puppeteer

Tim Blaney as Puppeteer

Bob Barker as Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Stephen Luscombe as Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)

Courtney Brown as Stunt Double

Kevin McCoy as Stunt Double

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