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The Flintstones


Released 1994

Brian Levant = Director

Bruce Cohen = Producer

Colin Wilson = Co-Producer

William Hanna = Executive Producer

Joseph Barbera = Executive Producer

Kathleen Kennedy = Executive Producer

David Kirschner = Executive Producer

Gerald R. Molen = Executive Producer

John Goodman as Fred Flintstone

Elizabeth Perkins as Wilma Flintstone

Rick Moranis as Barney Rubble

Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble

Kyle MacLachlan as Cliff Vandercave

Halle Berry as Miss Stone

Elizabeth Taylor as Pearl Slaghoople

Dann Florek as Mr. Slate

Richard Moll as Hoagie

Irwin '88' Keyes as Joe Rockhead

Jonathan Winters as Grizzled Man

Harvey Korman as Voice of Dictabird

Elaine Silver as Pebbles

Melanie Silver as Pebbles

Hlynur Siguršsson as Bamm-Bamm

Marinó Siguršsson as Bamm-Bamm

Sheryl Lee Ralph as Mrs. Pyrite

Jean Vander Pyl as Mrs. Feldspar

Janice Kent as Stewardess

Jack O'Halloran as Yeti

Becky Thyre as Roxanne

Rod McCary as Store Manager

Kate Pierson as BC-52's

Fred Schneider as BC-52's

Keith Strickland as BC-52's

Jim Doughan as Maitre d'

Laraine Newman as Susan Rock

Jay Leno as Bedrock's Most Wanted Host

Alan Blumenfeld as Fred Look-A-Like

Sam Raimi as Cliff Look-A-Like

Messiri Freeman as Miss Stone Look-A-Like

Alex Zimmerman as Accuser

Tommy Terrell as Accuser

Tabbie Brown as Accuser

Andy Steinfeld as Aerobics Instructor

Bradford Bryson as Foreman

Dean Cundey as Technician

Lita Stevens as Woman at Chevrox

Joseph Barbera as Man in Mersandes

William Hanna as Executive in Boardroom

Mel Blanc as Voice of Dino (archive footage)

Troy Christian as Cavern on the Green Dancer (uncredited)

Carole Reed as player (uncredited)

Craig Richards as Quarry Worker (uncredited)

Charles Sinclair as Caveman (uncredited)

Ken Tipton as player (uncredited)

Anthony Asbury as Puppeteer

Terri Hardin as Puppeteer

Andrew Massey as Puppeteer

Joe Selph as Puppeteer

David Forman as Puppeteer

John Crawford as Puppeteer

Len Levitt as Puppeteer

Richard Morton as Puppeteer

Greg Ballora as Puppeteer

Lynette Leigh Johnson as Puppeteer

Robert Tygner as Puppeteer

John Alexander as Puppeteer

Jeff Himmel as Puppeteer

Richard Bernard as Puppeteer

Lisa Aimee Sturz as Puppeteer

Alex Gaona as Stuntperson

Kim Robert Koscki as Stuntperson

Jeff Jensen as Stuntperson

Pat Romano as Stuntperson

Brian Smrz as Stuntperson

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