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The Flintstones


Viva Rock Vegas


Released 2000

Brian Levant = Director

Bruce Cohen = Producer

Bart Brown = Co-Producer

William Hanna = Executive Producer

Joseph Barbera = Executive Producer

Dennis E. Jones = Executive Producer

Mark Addy as Fred Flintstone

Stephen Baldwin as Barney Rubble

Kristen Johnston as Wilma Slaghoople

Jane Krakowski as Betty O'Shale

Joan Collins as Pearl Slaghoople

Thomas Gibson as Chip Rockefeller

Alan Cumming as Gazoo & Mick Jagged

Harvey Korman as Colonel Slaghoople

Alex Meneses as Roxie

John Taylor as Keith Rockhard

Tony Longo as Big Rocko

Danny Woodburn as Little Rocko

Taylor Negron as Gazaam & Gazing

Jack McGee as Bronto Crane Examiner

David Jean-Thomas as Bronto Crane Examiner

Brian Coughlin as Bronto Crane Worker

Richard Karron as Bronto Crane

Gary Epp as Dean Agate

Jennifer Simard as Bride-To-Be

Heather (Simpson) McClurg as Tennis Girl

Chene Lawson as Kitty

Beverly Sanders as Photographer

John Cho as Parking Valet

Nora Burns as Party Guest

Mark Kubr as Party Guest

Cheryl Holdridge-Post as Genevieve

Buck Kartalian as Old Man at Bronto King

Matt Griesser as Booth Worker

Irwin Keyes as Joe Rockhead

Mary Jo Smith as Gambler Woman

Duane Davis as Goon

Kevin Grevioux as Associate Goon

Steve Schirripa as Croupier

John Wills Martin as Casino Security Guard

Lucille M. Oliver as Hotel Worker

Joel Virgel Vierset as Keyboard Player

Rachel Winfree as Confessor

Ted Rooney as Confessor

Jim Doughan as Dinosaur Confessor

Jason Kravitz as Choreographer

John Stephenson as Showroom Announcer

Brian Mahoney as Audience Man

Ann Martel Mahoney as Audience Woman

Walter Gertz as Wedding Minister

Mel Blanc as Voice of Puppy Dino

Rosie O'Donnell as Voice of Octopus Masseuse

William Hanna as Special Appearance

Joseph Barbera as Special Appearance

Jennifer Arden as Rockette

Jennifer Bachler as Rockette

Tracie Burton as Rockette

Teresa Chapman as Rockette

Jacqueline Case as Rockette

Betsy Chang as Rockette

Darlene Dillinger as Rockette

Kristen Dinsmore as Rockette

Tracie Hendricks as Rockette

Helena Hultberg as Rockette

Katherine Miller as Rockette

Jessica Page as Rockette

Kim Timbers-Patteri as Rockette

Cristal Williams as Rockette

Kevin Carlson as Puppeteer

Tom Fisher as Puppeteer

Terri Hardin as Puppeteer

Bruce Lanoil as Puppeteer

Michelan Sisti as Puppeteer

Allan Trautman as Puppeteer

Joe Davis as Tatooed Neandethal (uncredited)

Michael Bower as Trailer Park Neighbor (uncredited)

MarLee Candell as High Roller (uncredited)

Katy Durham as Dancer (uncredited)

William J. Gavin as Gangster (uncredited)

Paul Gebeau as Neanderthal Butler (uncredited)

Gordon Hart as Dancer (uncredited)

Brandon Henschel as Dancing Sailor (uncredited)

Ray Huffman as Carnival Patron (uncredited)

Brandon Molale as Neanderthal Jail Guard (uncredited)

Robyn Moran as Hotel Patron (uncredited)

Mary Morrissey as Cave Club Diner/Flower Girl (uncredited)

Bob Pepper as Bronto King Patron (uncredited)

Berta Richey as Finale Dancer (uncredited)

Scott L. Schwartz as Caveman Boxer (uncredited)

Joseph Steven as Quarry Neanderthal (uncredited)

Christian Vincent as Dancer (uncredited)

Elle Alexander as Stuntperson

Bobby Bass as Stuntperson

May Boss as Stuntperson

William H. Burton as Stuntperson

Mike Cameron as Stuntperson

John Cenatiempo as Stuntperson

Tom Elliott as Stuntperson

Troy Gilbert as Stuntperson

Michael Gregory as Stuntperson

Buddy Joe Hooker as Stuntperson

Tommy J. Huff as Stuntperson

Julie Michaels as Stuntperson

Manny Perry as Stuntperson

Steven Picerni as Stuntperson

Scott Rogers as Stuntperson

Monica Staggs as Stuntperson

Ron Stein as Stuntperson

Gary Tacon as Stuntperson

Glenn R. Wilder as Stuntperson

Spice Williams-Crosby as Stuntperson

Scott Workman as Stuntperson

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