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Released 1997

Les Mayfield = Director

John Hughes = Producer

Ricardo Mestres = Producer

Nilo Rodis-Jamero = Associate Producer

Michael Polaire = Co-Producer

David Nicksay = Executive Producer

Robin Williams as Professor Philip Brainard

Marcia Gay Harden as Dr. Sara Jean Reynolds

Christopher McDonald as Wilson Croft

Raymond J. Barry as Chester Hoenicker

Clancy Brown as Smith

Ted Levine as Wesson

Wil Wheaton as Bennett Hoenicker

Edie McClurg as Martha George

Jodi Benson as Voice of Weebo

Leslie Stefanson as Sylvia

Malcolm Brownson as Father

Benjamin Brock as Window Boy

Dakin Matthews as Minister

Zack Zeigler as Teenage Boy

Samuel Lloyd as Coach Willy Barker

Scott Michael Campbell as Dale Jepner

Bob Sarlatte as Rutland Coach

Bob Greene as Referee

Tom Barlow as Medfield Basketball Player

Scott Martin Gershin as Voice of Flubber

Julie Morrison as Voice of Weebette

Christian Maurice Gantt as Student/Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Sherlyn Roy as Rutland Cheerleader (uncredited)

Freddy Smith as Basketball Player (uncredited)

Dan St. Paul as player (uncredited)

Ryan Van de Kamp Buchanan as Student (uncredited)

Teresa Couch as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Ray Doherty as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Erica Engelhardt as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Ken Hoffman as Neighbor (uncredited)

Pat Hughes as Basketball Announcer (voice) (uncredited)

Mylo Ironbear as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Janean Christine Mariani as Fan with Broken Leg (uncredited)

Jill Marie McMurray as Medfield Alumni (uncredited)

Bryan Nelson as Student (uncredited)

Nancy Olson as Secretary at Ford Motor Company (uncredited)

Peggy Sandow as Vendor (uncredited)

Tony Sommers as Wedding Guest (uncredited)

Daniel Trimble as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Scott Trimble as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Rick Van Meter as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

James D. Weston II as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Peter White as Mr. Sylvan (uncredited)

Dawn Monique Williams as Basketball Fan (uncredited)

Mike Mitchell as Mr. Williams' Stunt Double

Troy Brown as Stuntperson

Troy Robinson as Stuntperson

Robert Brown as Stuntperson

Heather Burton as Stuntperson

Craig Davis as Stuntperson

Richie Gaona as Stuntperson

Troy Gilbert as Stuntperson

Steve Kelso as Stuntperson

Dustin J. Meier as Stuntperson

Shawn Robinson as Stuntperson

Charles Romano as Stuntperson

Patrick Romano as Stuntperson

James Waters as Stuntperson

Scott Workman as Stuntperson

Doc Charbonneau as Stunt Double Boy

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