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Released 1995

Carlo Carlei = Director

Paul Maslansky = Producer

Lata Ryan = Producer

Terri Ferraro = Associate Producer

Jon Turtle = Executive Producer

Tom Coleman = Executive Producer

Matthew Modine as Thomas P. Johnson & Voice of Fluke

Nancy Travis as Carol Johnson

Eric Stoltz as Jeff Newman

Max Pomeranc as Brian Johnson

Ron Perlman as Sylvester

Jon Polito as Boss

Bill Cobbs as Bert

Collin Wilcox Paxton as Bella

Federico Pacifici as Prof. Santini

Clarinda Ross as Jane, Tom's Secretary

Adrian Roberts as Night Guard

Bart Hansard as Day Guard

Deborah Hobart as Dog Pound Vet

Libby Whittemore as Libby, the Housekeeper

Dominique Milton as Schoolboy

Mary Ann Hagan as Woman #1

Yolanda King as Woman #2

Brian Katz as Paramedic #1

Mary Holloway as Paramedic #2

David Dwyer as Newsstand Man

Michael H. Moss as Policeman #1

Duke Steinemann as Policeman #2

Georgia Allen as Rose, Cleaning Woman

John Lawhorn as Farmer with Truck

Calvin Miller as Skeptical Man

Harry Prichett as Priest

Duong Bl as Asian Dishwasher

Deigo La Rosa as Security Guard

Angie Reno as Delivery Boy

Samuel L. Jackson as Voice of Rumbo

Comet as Fluke

Barney as Rumbo

Norman Tempia as Puppeteer

Dave Nelson as Puppeteer

Mecki Heussen as Puppeteer

Charlie Lutkus as Puppeteer

Mike Jay Regan as Puppeteer

Sam Gifaldi as Voice of Young Fluke

Ripley as Chimpanzee

Miss Lori as Fluke's Mother

Scorpio as 9 week old puppy

Capi as 9 week old puppy

Leo as 9 week old puppy

Aries as 9 week old puppy

Cosmos as 4 month old puppy

Orbit as 4 month old puppy

Solar as 4 month old puppy

Astro as 4 month old puppy

Marcus Batton as Little Boy (uncredited)

Harsh Nayyar as Ahmad (uncredited)

Daniel Newman as School Boy (uncredited)

Seth Arnett as Stuntperson

David Paul Lord as Stuntperson

Lance Gilbert as Stuntperson

Michael Runyard as Stuntperson

William Shane Grisco as Stuntperson

T. J. White as Stuntperson

Harry Harris III as Stuntperson

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