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Follow That Dream


Released 1962

Gordon Douglas = Director

David Weisbart = Producer

Elvis Presley as Toby Kwimper

Arthur O'Connell as Pop Kwimper

Anne Helm as Holly Jones

Joanna Moore as Alisha Claypoole

Jack Kruschen as Carmine

Simon Oakland as Nick

Roland Winters as Judge

Alan Hewitt as H. Arthur King

Howard McNear as George

Frank DeKova as Jack

Herbert Rudley as Mr. Endicott

Gavin Koon as Eddy Bascombe

Robin Koon as Teddy Bascombe

Robert Carricart as Al

Barry Russo (John Duke) as Blackie

Harry Holcombe as Governor (uncredited)

Pam Ogles as Adriane Pennington (uncredited)

Red West as Bank Guard (uncredited)

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