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For The Love of Benji


Released 1977

Joe Camp = Director

Ben Vaughn = Producer

Ed Vanston = Associate Producer

Joe Camp = Executive Producer

Art Vasil as Stelios

Allen Fiuzat as Paul

Patsy Garrett as Mary

Cynthia Smith as Cindy

Ed Nelson as Chandler Dietrich

Catherine McClenry as Airline Representative, US

Anassis Vassilakidis as Ticket Agent

Dean Goss as Man in Line

Tony Alatis as Greek Paging Man

Kostas Kleftogiannis as Airline Representative, Crete

Michalis Lambrinos as Man in Baggage Room

Peter Bowles as Ronald

Bridget Armstrong as Elizabeth

George Tsifos as Sausage Shop Owner

Valerios Megaloikonomov as Policeman

Yannis Kontoulis as Sausage Shop Customer

Yannis Totsikas as Butcher

Vagelis Traiforos as Hotel Doorman

George Valentzas as Cafe Man

Brandon Camp as Little Boy with Dog

Benji as Benji

Gary Grubbs as Hank (uncredited)

Angela Cacoliris Samaras as Little Angy (10 yrs) (uncredited)

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