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Forbidden Warrior


Released 2004

Jimmy Nickerson = Director

Glen Hartford = Producer

Daniel Toll = Producer

Scott Reed = Associate Producer

Paul Baker = Associate Producer

James V. Lloyd = Associate Producer

Farshad Moftakhar = Co-Executive Producer

Glen Hartford = Executive Producer

Tony Amendola as Ajis-Aka

Minglie Chen as Hana

Christine Chow as Young Seki

Chris Coppola as Jibberish

Vladimir Cuk as Tall Tall

Andrew Divoff as Ujis-Aka

Homie Doroodian as Mouse

Hope Hayashida as Baby Seki

James Hong as Muraji, The Warlord

Sung Kang as Doran

Kay E. Kuter as Yawn

Richard Lee-Sung as Old Wizard

Al Leong as Yang Sze

Bruce Locke as Miyamoto

Marie Matiko as Seki

Woon Young Park as Che-Kahn

Debi Parker as Chambermaid

Nathan Phung as Child Doran

Jonathan Phung as Child Locust

Ke'ala Valencia as Child Seki

Musetta Vander as Reza

Ron Yuan as Lank

Karl Yune as Locust

Kristina Wayborn as Sorceress (uncredited)

Maximo Morrone as The Warrior (uncredited)

Gabriel Nguyen as Yang Sze's Lieutenant (uncredited)

Orlando Estrada as Yang Sze Warrior (uncredited)

Henry T. Yamada as Yang Tse Warrior (uncredited)

Ming Liu as Seki Stunt Double

Muchiko Hishiwaki as Seki Stunt Double

Boni Yanagisawa as Seki Stunt Double

Masa Endo as Doran Stunt Double

Robert Alonzo as Locust Stunt Double

Tsu Yoshi Abe as Stuntperson

Jeff Cadiente as Stuntperson

Darryl Chan as Stuntperson

Arnold Chon as Stuntperson

Donna Lee Heilsing as Stuntperson

Leigh Hennessey as Stuntperson

Yoshio Iizuka as Stuntperson

Henry Kingi Sr. as Stuntperson

Will Leong as Stuntperson

James Lew as Stuntperson

Lyn Oeding as Stuntperson

Jen Sung Outterbridge as Stuntperson

Simon Rhee as Stuntperson

Jon Valera as Stuntperson

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